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Serious Sinkie Girls form K-pop group. Please support.


Alfrescian (Inf)
Are these wannabes aware that there's a dark side in K-Pop ?
Bounded by their contracts for up to 15 years ( your ass belongs to the unscrupulous agent )
Endless plastic surgery
Up to 20 hours of rehearsal , rehearsal , rehearsal ...
Dirt poor ( after the same unscrupulous agent suck you dry )
Sometimes fatal diet ( nobody look or listen to a fat chick unless you are Adele )
Last but not least
Prostitution ( unscrupulous agent at work again )

From the short video, can see that they don’t even have the looks to get into the front door of the k pop entertainment scene. They are better off applying for some passerby roles in mediacorpse productions!


Alfrescian (Inf)
They certainly are ugly. I wonder why the ugly gene made its way to Singapore. Could it be that they were not allowed off the ship at other ports because they looked so grotesque?! :eek:
root cause must be the poor and ugly coolies of the straits settlements. they needed women from china but only the ugly, abandoned, and unwanted ones showed up at the dock in southern china. and their families get paid too. 69 yuan for the ugliest daughter in the brood.