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Man who wore S’pore flag like a cape while shouting he is God gets 2 weeks’ jail​

SINGAPORE – A man who wore the Singapore flag like a cape while shouting at patrons at a Hougang coffee shop in September was sentenced to two weeks’ jail.
Roy Ravi Jaganathan, 36, on Thursday pleaded guilty to one charge of being a public nuisance.
This was not Ravi’s first offence. He was sentenced to five days’ jail on a similar charge of public nuisance after shouting aggressively and gesturing with an umbrella to people at another coffee shop in Hougang in July.
Addressing his most recent offence, State Prosecuting Officer Ting Nge Kong said that on Sept 5, Ravi headed to the coffee shop at Block 682 Hougang Avenue 8 wearing a green T-shirt with a Singapore flag draped over his shoulders and tied around his neck, wearing it like a cape.
He also wore a pair of bermuda shorts over his track pants and placed a blue towel on his head with a cap over it.
Ravi arrived at the coffee shop at around 8.30am and started shouting at patrons there.
“He went from table to table shouting loudly and proclaimed that he was God. At times, he ranted incoherently and intentionally lifted up his T-shirt to expose his torso to the patrons,” said SPO Ting.
A member of the public called the police, saying that there was a drunk man walking around hurling vulgarities and racist remarks.
The police arrived at the coffee shop after receiving multiple calls from the public and found him still shouting loudly and harassing others.
He was subsequently arrested, after he continued the shouting despite the police advising him to stop the behaviour.
Those found guilty of public nuisance can be fined up to $2,000.
On a second or subsequent conviction, offenders can be jailed for up to three months, or fined up to $2,000, or both.