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Serious Singapore shortly after she transmogrified to a city from a fishing village in mangrove swamps


Singapore shortly after she transmogrified to a city from a fishing village in mangrove swamps.
Rescued and elevated to a city from a fishing village by no less than Lee Kuan Yew.

Who also made the sun rise in the East every day.
And the rains to fall and flowers to bloom.

No more a run down fishing village!
Singapore became a major city because of Le Kuan Yew!

Watch and be a born again believer in the wonder of LKY!

Merdeka Mederka!

Majullah Singapura!




Alfrescian (Inf)
of course there were colonial buildings and other infrastructure such as bridges and roads at that time. but back in 50s and 60s sg was still dominated by kampungs, fishing villages, and slums. i grew up in a kampung so i know. majority of sinkies then lived outside the built up colonial center. lucky ones lived in shophouses. not so lucky ones lived in slums on the outskirts of the city and relied on wells for water and multidoor bucket trucks to hoist shit away from outhouses. it is not incorrect to claim that sg was a fishing village 50-60 years ago.


Alfrescian (Inf)
LKY was a Spore civil servant & he was paid $$$ to do a job.

Unfortunately he was allowed to stay in the job without any checks. This allowed him to create a famiLee business that we are paying for, even today.