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Singapore ranks 35th in promiscuity


Which Countries Are the Most Promiscuous?

Which countries around the world are you most likely to get lucky in? With the most recent study on worldwide sexual promiscuity more than a decade old, the team at NapLab decided to create our own Global Promiscuity Index to determine which country’s residents are the most sexually liberated and which are more repressed when it comes to their sexuality.
The Global Promiscuity Index assesses the promiscuity level of 45 countries with an analysis of six sex-related factors that gauge each country’s attitude toward acceptance of and engagement in promiscuous sex. Each country was then scored on each of these promiscuity factors, with the total score reflecting the level of promiscuity among its population.

Which Factors Were Considered to Determine the Most Sexual Countries?​

Our team took into consideration the mean age when virginity was lost, the average number of sexual partners, the STD rate, and the percentage of the population who find premarital sex between adults to be morally acceptable. The additional factors considered were if prostitution is legal, or at least partially legal, and if premarital sex is illegal for citizens of the country.
Which is the most sexually open country in the world? Explore the results of our Global Promiscuity Index to see which made it to the top of the list of the most promiscuous countries.
Countries Most Promiscuous

Which Country Is the Most Promiscuous?​

The most promiscuous country in the world was determined to be Australia, based on the six factors that were taken into consideration for our Global Promiscuity Index. What makes Australians some of the most promiscuous people in the world?
The people of Australia were found to have the second-most sexual partners after Turkey; Australians have an average of 13.3 sexual partners. When surveyed about their opinion on if premarital sex between adults is morally wrong or right, 81% of Australians said that it is either morally acceptable or not a moral issue at all.
And finally, the fact that prostitution is legal in Australia makes it one of the most sexually open countries in the world. Even with the title of most sexual country, Australians seem to be practicing safe sex, as the country’s overall STD rate was on the lower end of the spectrum, with 14,454 cases per 100,000 people.

The 10 Most Promiscuous Countries​

  1. Australia
  2. Brazil
  3. Greece
  4. Chile
  5. New Zealand
  6. Germany
  7. Italy
  8. Switzerland
  9. Thailand
  10. South Africa

Which Country Is the Least Promiscuous?​

The least promiscuous country is India, who earned low scores across all six promiscuity factors. India was found to have not only the second-highest mean age for virginity lost but also the fewest sexual partners in the world, with an average of three partners.
Not being a very sexual country does permit the people of India to have one of the lowest STD rates in the world. But even though India was determined to be the least promiscuous country in the world, people still have a chance to get lucky there, as prostitution is partially legal in the country.

The 10 Least Promiscuous Countries​

  1. India
  2. China
  3. Indonesia
  4. Malaysia
  5. Vietnam
  6. Nigeria
  7. Hong Kong
  8. South Korea
  9. Taiwan
  10. Croatia

Which Country Has the Highest Average Number of Sexual Partners?​

One of the major factors when considering which populations are the most sexually promiscuous is the number of people they have had sex with. A larger average number of sexual partners indicates a greater likelihood of multiple sexual encounters and a higher level of promiscuity within the population.
According to World Population Review, the country with the most sexual partners is Turkey, with an average of 14.5 sexual partners. But even with the highest average of sexual partners, Turkey only made it to the 21st spot on our list of promiscuous countries.

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The 6 Promiscuity Factors​

  • Mean Age Virginity Was Lost (100 points)
    • The age at which people start engaging in sexual activity can indicate a more casual approach to promiscuous sex. As the mean age increases, the score earned decreases.
  • Average Number of Sexual Partners (100 points)
    • A larger average number of sexual partners indicates a greater likelihood of multiple sexual encounters and a higher level of promiscuity within the population. As the number of sexual partners decreases, the score earned also decreases.
  • STD Rate per 100,000 People (100 points)
    • The prevalence of sexually transmitted diseases reflects the consequences of promiscuous sex within the population. As the STD rate decreases, the score also decreases.
  • Percentage of People Who Think Premarital Sex Between Adults Is Morally Acceptable or Not a Moral Issue (100 points)
    • The moral perceptions surrounding premarital sex indicate the perception of promiscuity within the population. As the percentage of people within the population who are accepting of premarital sex decreases, the score also decreases.
  • Is Prostitution Legal? (50 points)
    • Legalizing or partially legalizing prostitution increases the availability and acceptance of promiscuous sex. The countries earned 50 points if prostitution is legal, 25 points if it’s partially legal, or 0 points if it is illegal.
  • Is Premarital Sex Illegal? (-25 points)
    • The repercussions for having sex outside of marriage can be a large deterrent for those considering engaging in promiscuous sex. For countries that outlaw premarital sex, 25 points were deducted.

The Complete Global Promiscuity Index​

2Brazil17.4931,74661%Partially LegalNo340.66
4Chile17.210.120,57380%Partially LegalNo334.64
5New Zealand17.813.211,898LegalNo327.49
7Italy18.911.812,98583%Partially LegalNo317.73
9Thailand20.510.624,709Partially LegalNo312.99
10South Africa18.712.532,05438%IllegalNo310.05
11Czechia17.2911,95985%Partially LegalNo305.50
12Finland16.512.412,087Partially LegalNo304.47
13United Kingdom18.39.810,88782%Partially LegalNo299.03
14Japan19.410.212,67173%Partially LegalNo292.95
15United States1810.719,90065%IllegalNo291.69
17Mexico18.7921,97547%Partially LegalNo289.05
18Denmark16.19.313,225Partially LegalNo288.99
23Spain19.26.111,62491%Partially LegalNo281.39
24Austria17.39.711,724Partially LegalNo280.35
29Portugal16.9713,290Partially LegalNo268.74
30Belgium17.27.511,997Partially LegalNo266.55
34Poland19611,86665%Partially LegalNo254.65
35Singapore22.87.214,815Partially LegalNo250.99
38South Korea22.156%IllegalNo238.28
39Hong Kong20.23.7Partially LegalNo236.66
40Nigeria19.716%Partially LegalNo229.33
42Malaysia235.818,9798%Partially LegalYes175.55
43Indonesia19.15.117,8552%Partially LegalYes174.68
45India22.9310,76321%Partially LegalNo169.73
  • The top-scoring number for each factor is in bold.
  • The countries that did not have data available for certain factors were given a mid-range score to have less effect on their final score.
  • Indonesia passed criminal codes outlawing sex outside of marriage in December 2022, while Malaysia has criminalized premarital sex for its many Muslim citizens who are bound by sharia, Islamic law.
  • South Africa was the only country on the list with an HIV prevalence higher than 0.82%, at 14.75%; we deducted 14% from their overall STD rate of 37,273 per 100,000 and used an STD rate of 32,054 per 100,000 for a more direct comparison with the other countries.




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