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Should Singapore host the Commonwealth Games?


1. No Singaporean, NONE would want our taxpayers funds to be frittered away that would ensure no tangible returns, especially in monetary terms, & would rather those precious hard earned funds remained for a rainy day or for future innocent generations to come.

2. At our independence in 1965 in horrifying TURBULENT times, there was only $100 Million dollars left in the treasury for social expenditure for 1.5Million uneducated & vulnerable citizens back then. Ah Kong & his team rolled up their sleeves & got to work, hard & smart, & was never afraid to spent that precious money for VIABLE returns, & by their great vision & calculated foresight, transformed the impossible to what Singapore is possible today.

3. They did by doing what others in the presumed self sufficient better resources S.E Asian region thought impossible or even necessary - industrialization & foreign investments. By the 70s, our neighbors realized their errors & copied us & saw their economies grew phenomenally.

4. Sports is important & necessary NOT for just one's health but also mental & physical discipline. It MUST be encouraged, more so with so many, so many that would rather sit in armchairs or stare at a miniscule tiny computer screen during their waking hours. Such is unhealthy.

5.Unfortunately, with the advance of technology, sports is often neglected & even personal health. Worse, most would not presume that sports would give the kind of returns to the economy that events such as Taylor Swift type concerts would.

6. Thus to overcome such mental hurdles, sports & entertainment CAN be combined together, far MORE than the F1 races can do.

7. It will need the genius of Mr Edwin Tong in his ministerial capacity, along with other stat boards including EDB, STP & even security services as well as even the best Marketing teams in our World, to discuss & plan CON-CURRENT events with sports & 1st tier acknowledged performers whom supports sport with concerts to support the healthy endeavors of life, & critically, to PULL in the crowds & their spending on free will, to Support such uplifting ventures.

With such efforts & if successful with returns to economy in several ways proven, it will change how sporting events, even Olympic games, can benefit Humanity in more ways than one & other nations to follow.

8. At the end of the day, PRAGMATISM MUST RULE & not euphoria/false sense of confidence. For every $1 from taxpayers fund, there MUST be at the LEAST $3 in return or else, precious taxpayers fund would be wasted.....
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Let us take a leaf ( learn from experience) of the most long running sport even since the 60s even existing today & into the future - Wrestling.

It is a SEEMINGLY violent sport, but most if not majority, know it is just WAYANG ( fake show).

Those PULLED punches, those agony, those pain, etc, etc are all already planned & orchestrated if not REHEARSED in advance. Yet it draw in crowds. It is due to MARKETING - showmanship - the pre fight, the fight itself, its aftermath and ESPECIALLY the DRAMA that Marketing relies on to get crowds interested to watch, at times even the displays of good against evil - PURE ENTAINMENT.

World Wrestling Federation learnt from ancient Rome - its GLADIATORS & HOW the austere Roman Bizmen were, of a far different era than today, to provide ENTERTAINMENT & SPECTACLES, to woo the crowds:-

a)The gladiators were SLAVES, & selected from the slave markets based upon their potential - black or white.
b) those slaves were TRAINED & taught how to WAYANG.
c) Any slave who tried to KILL another gladiator WOULD be punished, as the owner would had lost his investment for the next show, unless that slave was a problem or would serve his master & the audience interest to be sacrificed.

As such fights are ALL WAYANG including WWF, & USA is a democratic nation, NO gambling is allowed in WWF fights. It was ALL PURELY ENTERTAINMENT & MARKETING, & based upon its popularity & ticket sales, every one of performer or agent got rich on the bandwagon.

However, amateur games such as CW games or Olympics, there is NO wayang. Each athlete is a young & aspiring Human, to show, motivate & lead Humankind to prove that others too can become like them as long as they have the dedication, the physical & mental discipline strength in them.

Such may appeal little to draw in the crowds, except for their fellow youths in training or their families, relatives & friends.

THUS to draw in the crowds, it would be the DRAMA - that MARKETEERS would need to create the atmosphere of tensions, the hype & entertainment value to attract audiences even Worldwide, so long as sensitives are observed so as to not offend anyone such as race, language or religion, etc, the pre games, the games & its aftermath...the way legendary Mohammud Ali would be hyped up by his mere words against his opponents from marketing agents....
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