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[Shocking] Goh Keng Swee's newly declassified top secret Albatross Files revealed SG was not "kicked out" by MY!

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Anyone still remember in 1996 or 97 when then Senior Minister Lee threatened sinkies with re-merger in case PAP lost the GE? I think it was during the time the Tang Liang Hong affair became big..

What an asshole LOL


Alfrescian (InfP)
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Mr Barker explained: “We were determined to get out. I think they were just as determined that we should go. It was not a question of them kicking us out, it was an agreement to separate.”

If the muuds were determined that PAP should leave jiuhu, it means that PAP and sinkies were kicked out of the country Lianbang.


Inter nation relations are turning choppy waters Singapore very vulnerble we must stay unite behind pap navigate through good times and bad else we all sink! :unsure: