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[Sg] - Yishun blk 848 coffeeshop got beer + chiobu dancers ... residents say "jin happening"


Alfrescian (Inf)
Shanmu is preparing sinkees for more happenings when Ah Nehs share their culture with us. Ah Nehs will create the perfect environment for voyuerism and molestation.
Ah Nehs will liven up the sinkee lifestyle. Total endorsed by the PAP Indians.


Alfrescian (Inf)
How much is the damage charged by the Jiu hu porridge for short time? Room and condom provided?


Alfrescian (Inf)
Why no flowers for uncles to 吊?... :o-o:

Can buy the flowers from here.



It is INNOVATIVE of what the owner of the coffeeshop is doing, without breaking known laws. in order to ATTRACT crowds for its tenanted hawkers whom had been paying high rentals for mere shop-space. It had been a FOOLISH endeavor for the owner to pay far above the market rate for the shop-space, & probably due to self stupidity in PRESUMPTION that ANYONE-local or foreigner would pay such high rents.

But fortunately, he resorted to his trusted accountants, lawyers & biz development execs for once, & thus this desperate mickey mouse song & dance BUT clean & according to SPF guidelines routine.

It may seem outrageous to many, but at the least his biz team have intelligence, to attract crowds, & may be a BIZ MODEL for other struggling coffeeshop owners THROUGHOUT Singapore to consider.

This biz model is NOT new, but based upon the usual 7thmth of calender observances for the Chinese ethnic groups - dinner, dance & entertainment that would often not only draw crowds, but CONNECTIVITY to those whom lived in the community nearby, It is a Chinese tradition, the way other religions celebrate their festivals in our multi-racial nation, at times even more than the Chinese ethnic group - every Friday for the Muslims to worship at mosques & its month long sacrifices of fasting then RAYA, Indians with Thaipusam & then celebration of light, Christians with Christmas & New Year, etc.

NO Human is born & live to work, but only work to live. There's a difference that may the discerning know. Life is serious, with many issues to deal with, & thus a need to cool, relax & chill. And it is only thru community sharing & participation to PARTY, which is necessary to regain mental health, to face challenges of a new day, the way we would pay to visit the cinema over a movie that we can relate to, for 90mins of pure escapism, & then recharged to face another new day.

In order to make it inclusive for not just males whom will ogle at the ladies. perhaps more can be done to attract women & other races in our multi-ethnic groups too, such as clean party games from the hilarious down to serious games whereby a balloted number will gain one gifts & build up critical community rapport that no staid community center can as well as the numbers.

Such party games can be conducted from 7.30pm till 10.30pm at the locations, so as not to disturb the peace of those living just above those coffeeshop, with volume toned down to listenable decibels, & only once or twice a week. For those whom after a hardworking day & just want to have a quiet meal, the COVID era had taught us we can always TAKEAWAY food to eat at home, and even avoid any fines should one be too tired to return trays, & such events are not conducted everyday or should be, to keep the entertainment value & costs low, but at the same time, help tenanted hawkers to promote their fare & earn a living so long as their food are good.

It is only Community Bonding, & may introverts whom may be turned off by the sounds, join in & know that they are not alone, & never alone in Singapore.


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