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[Sg video] - 'Alive and wriggling': Woman disgusted after finding worm on sashimi from Don Don Donki


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They had been happily tucking into their kaisen don from Don Don Donki when they realised that something was not right.

Upon closer inspection, Jayice Tan and her husband made a grisly discovery — there was a live worm on their raw fish.

Horrified, she took to Facebook last Wednesday (Feb 8) to advise others to check their food properly before eating it.

"Do open your eyes big big before you put food into your mouth, you never know what goes in [sic]," she warned.

Tan shared that the couple had visited Don Don Donki's 100am Mall outlet on Feb 8, where they shared a serving of kaisen don between them.

While they were almost done with their food, they "spotted something unusual on the raw fish".

They continued to observe the foreign object before realising that it was "alive and wriggling"

"We were so astounded! What's worse is that we've both eaten and [almost finished our food]," said Tan, adding that this is the couple's first time encountering a "parasitic worm" in their food.

Offered 90 cents refund after finding worm in yong tau foo​

Last August, another woman discovered worms in two bowls of yong tau foo that she had ordered from Rivervale Plaza via Foodpanda.

"Received two additional ingredients. Lost my appetite," she said.

She had approached a Foodpanda customer service officer for help and was offered a compensation voucher for $2 to make up for the incident.

However, as she wanted a refund, she rejected the voucher.

After some back and forth, she was finally given two options — to accept a refund amount of $4.80 to her Pandapay wallet along with a compensation voucher of $1, or to have $4.80 refunded to her original source of payment made by her credit card along with a compensation voucher of $2




Alfrescian (Inf)
Donki is where the low SES go to shop in Japan.

Daft Sinkies see the kawaii penguin mascot and thought otherwise. :roflmao: