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[Sg video] - $10 BAK CHOR MEE in Singapore! Michelin-Starred TAI HWA Minced Meat Noodles| Is it Worth your Money?

Narong Wongwan

Alfrescian (Inf)
Shitty la
Artificial queue generated by intentional super slow poke
Take customers as fools
A real pity coz back when it was the parents cooking time it was really good.
I was a regular and fan when they were at Bestway
Standards has since dropped drastically

The idiot uncle at Crawford isn’t any better and also employ similar slow poke tactics

Sorry didn’t see the video. This is about the Crawford one.
Already mentioned it’s shitty as well and treat customers as goondus
Lagi more goodu is opening a branch at same place. This uncle no business acumen dunno how to scale up productivity like his chain stall nephew. But both standards dropped and shitty now


Alfrescian (Inf)
A few years ago it was around $6. Have fun with the hyperinflation. Next time there will be food rationing. :cool: