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[Sg] - SG Streamer Kiaraakitty Kena Banned On Twitch Again For Sucking Taiwanese Sausage Obscenely


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Source: Twitter/@kiaraakitty

Singaporean Twitch streamer and content creator Kiaraakitty (啊貓咪) is back at it again! The peppy streamer revealed on 26th April that she had been banned on streaming platform Twitch for the sixth time. And once, again, it’s over a sausage!

The saying usually goes: “once is an accident, twice a coincidence and three times, a pattern“. Well, this may not be her third time, but we are definitely seeing a pattern with Kiaraakitty and her reasons for being banned on Twitch.


Source: Twitter/@kiaraakitty

Kiaraa’s track record with her streams aren’t exactly the best. In fact, earlier this month, Kiaraa was stopped on-stream by policemen in Korea for “having her boobs out“. Just before that, Kiarra was banned on Twitch for eating a sausage suggestively while live streaming.

Well, it seems the streamer couldn’t resist the allure of another sausage while in Taiwan. And much like before, Kiaraa simply had to have one while on stream. “I love Taiwanese sausage so much,” she sighed later on her socials, including photos of her posing with another thick Taiwanese sausage.


Source: Twitter/@kiaraakitty

It didn’t take long for Twitch to drop the hammer. Kiarra even prefaced it on 25th April with a cheeky tweet, saying: “I have a bad feeling something bad is about to happen.” Sure enough, the very next day, the streamer posted a photo of herself with another sausage and the simple text: “BANNED“.

Netizens were quick to hop into the comments section to leave their opinions on the matter. Some, of course, felt the ban was unfair and uncalled for. “Noooooooo! Why? Because of delicious Taiwan sausage??? Life isn’t fair,” one comment read. Others took the moral high ground and left scathing replies, saying: “Maybe you’ll get the hint this time.” Most were simply confused as to why she got banned.


Source: Twitter/@kiaraakitty


Source: Twitter/@kiaraakitty

Like before, the streamer herself doesn’t seem too torn up over the whole issue. In fact, she was even seen taking a poll on her socials about Taiwanese and Thai sausages. But, we have a suspicion she prefers the Taiwanese ones, especially given her reaction to someone telling her they are “bigger and thicker“.


Source: Twitter/@kiaraakitty

Still, there is no news on how long Kiaraakitty’s latest ban will last. But in the meantime, the streamer seems content to continue interacting with her fans via her other social platforms. We wouldn’t be too worried. Kiaraa seems hard to keep down, just like her undying love for Taiwanese sausages.

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Stop paying attention to this harlot. She looks and behaves like Xiaxue, probably even worse. :rolleyes: