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[Sg] - Now you can pay $500 to work under someone else's food delivery account temporarily : Deliveroo, foodpanda rider accounts for rent on Carousell


Alfrescian (InfP)
Generous Asset

Why are people selling and buying delivery rider accounts online?​

For starters, even though the barriers to entry are quite low, not everyone meets the requirements to be a delivery rider in Singapore.

For instance, you need to be a Singapore citizen or permanent resident in order to work in Singapore, and all the major delivery platforms request proof of citzenship or permanent residency before they approve a rider account.

Requirements by foodpanda.

Someone who is not a citizen nor permanent resident would be able to exploit the sale or rental of rider accounts on Carousell to find work here (illegally).

Some riders are banned or suspended by the delivery platforms for whatever reasons. Buying or renting a rider account on Carousell allows them to circumvent the restriction.



Lol, true low standard jobs cb so many barriers ,whereas high post job ,u see papigs n their ceca n cina n jiuhu in high pay job no barriers