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SG: No of H1N1 cases cross 100 liao!


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THE NUMBER of confirmed H1N1 flu cases here crossed the 100 mark yesterday as Singapore registered the highest number of cases in a single day.
The 26 new cases diagnosed yesterday included three patients believed to have been infected locally, bringing the number of possible community transmission cases to four.
Two of the new cases are Singaporean male students, aged 14 and 16.
They had not travelled to any affected countries recently but had taken part in some social activities.
The third case is a 27-year-old Filipino man who works here. His six-member family had come from Manila to visit him from June 11 to 14 but they had appeared well during their stay. He developed flu symptoms on Tuesday.
Out of the 23 remaining new cases, 22 involved travellers returning from the United States, Australia, the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia. One was a close contact of an earlier case.
Contact tracing is ongoing for all new cases. Seventy-four patients remain in hospital and their conditions are stable and the rest have been discharged.
The Health Ministry noted that the young are particularly vulnerable to the virus, with some 43 per cent of total confirmed cases below 20 years of age.
With the increasing number of cases, all hospitals are gearing up to take in H1N1 patients, said MOH.
For example, the National University Hospital has expanded its fever facility at its A&E department and is ready to handle up to 27 patients starting today, doubling its previous capacity. It has also postponed some non-urgent operations and created extra isolation rooms, said a spokesman.

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Here's an update

Singapore confirms two clusters of H1N1 local transmission
By Hoe Yeen Nie, Channel NewsAsia | Posted: 21 June 2009 0111 hrs

A medical staff checks the temperature of a woman entering the Tan Tock Seng hospital

Special Report

• Flu Outbreak

SINGAPORE : Singapore has confirmed another 23 cases of the H1N1 flu, bringing to 126 the total so far.

Of the 23 new cases, eight are local cases from two clusters of local transmission.

The first is the Riverlife Church, which saw five students fall ill after attending its services on June 13 and 14.

One of them, a student at Chung Cheng High School (Main) was reported on Friday.

Four are new cases, including the student's younger brother. Another three are also students at Chung Cheng High School.

A second cluster was found at the National University of Singapore (NUS), which saw three students fall ill.

One of them was reported on Friday, while the other two had their infection confirmed on Saturday.

The two new cases are a 24-year-old Columbian woman and a 22-year-old American woman.

All three are foreign exchange students who had met up on June 13. They were with a group of other NUS schoolmates on an educational trip to Thailand from June 5 to 8.

There are also two new cases that have no confirmed links with previous patients.

One of them is the father of a boy who is a close contact of an earlier case.

The Ministry of Health is investigating if both infections are related.

The remaining 15 are all imported cases, including a 14-year-old Asian Youth Games participant from the Philippines.

He has been admitted to the Communicable Disease Centre, while his team-mates and two coaches are quarantined at the Aloha Resort at Loyang.

Singapore's total number of confirmed H1N1 cases now stands at 126, with 94 still in hospital. They are in stable condition.

Contact tracing is underway for all the cases. - CNA /ls


Who is responsible? When SARS happen blame pushed to unsuspecting infected Singaporean whom brought it back.

And where the Swine flu infection from local clusters comes from?

Ignorant FTrash? Irresponsible Sinkies?