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[Sg] - National sprinter Shanti Pereira to marry national sprinter Tan Zong Yang


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Singapore sprint queen Shanti Pereira and Tan Zong Yang announce engagement​

Singapore sprint queen Shanti Pereira and Tan Zong Yang announce engagement

Shanti Pereira documented her engagement to Tan Zong Yang in Stockholm in a series of photos posted on Instagram.
PHOTO: Instagram/Shanti Pereira

SINGAPORE – The tattoo of the five Olympic rings on Shanti Pereira’s right wrist embodies her quest to keep breaking new ground as a sprinter.
On June 12, another ring came into the picture, adding another significant milestone to her life as she announced her engagement to her boyfriend Tan Zong Yang.

The Asian Games gold medallist posted a series of photos on her Instagram with former national sprinter Tan, documenting the couple’s engagement in Stockholm on June 9.

In the post, Pereira, 27, said: “Cheers to your 30th, 3 years together, and to the rest of our lives!!!!!!!!”

Tan, who won the 400m bronze at Hanoi SEA Games in 2022, has been a constant figure of support in Pereira’s life, travelling to cheer her on at various meets, including the Hangzhou Asian Games and Asian Athletics Championships in 2023.

She attained several breakthroughs at these events, winning historic golds at the Asian Athletics Championships in Bangkok, before ending Singapore’s 49-year wait for an athletics medal at the Asiad, where she won a gold in the women’s 200m and a silver in the 100m.

Singapore’s sprint queen is now in Europe to prepare for the July 26-Aug 11 Paris Olympics.

Pereira, who was named Sportswoman of the Year at the Singapore Sports Awards earlier this month, had booked her spot at the Paris Games after meeting the qualifying mark at the 2023 World Athletics Championships.

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