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[Sg] - Hip artisanal Oat Milk Hawker Shuts Stall After $80K Loss, Says GST Increase Another Reason For Closure


Seems like this piece of shit was interviewed previously by the 8days propagandists. :rolleyes:

Don’t Ask This Hawker For Tau Huay Zui, He Sells Hip Homemade Oat Milk With A Singaporean Twist​

14 Jul 2022

I am curious... did he seek them out for an interview or did the Mediacock propagandists seek him out? Or some mutual friend between him and the writer of the article? :roflmao:

Even the customers don't know what the fuck he is selling. So of course his business failed.

And he really looks like the typical retard Sinkie. He should get pretty girls in sexy bunny outfits to do the selling for him instead.


Alfrescian (Inf)
I have stopped spending my money in red mart after it sold off to China communist terrorists company Alibaba group

Did the Tiongs buy Honestbee?



The company was subsequently issued a winding up order in July 2020 and dissolved shortly after; the site formerly occupied by habitat is currently used by RedMart as a fulfillment center for their deliveries.


He must employ more SYTs to sell his oat tea, who knows it may be another spring for him?
trying the fuckerburg way to score with gals? Can't find a job, so throw money into the drain by starting a business, with neither a plan nor acumen.

Satanic verses

Dear young hawkers,

You want to do 'artisanal' shit like this, go open a proper cafe.

Stay out of hawker centres, we don't want your kind to contaminate the UNESCO-recognized sacred spaces.

By the way, no one is impressed with that hipster signboard. It is utter cringe, and a key indicator for failure.

Giving interview time to the SPH/Mediacock assholes is also a major red flag.
I happen to like the hipster signboard, so shut the fuck up Mr Heng aka @UltimaOnline .