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[Sg] - Elderly man poured kerosene all over his bedroom and living room, texted "goodbye" to his family, then dropped a lit cigarette onto the floor


Alfrescian (InfP)
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hile smoking in his 10th-floor flat in Tampines Avenue 5, a man dropped a lit cigarette onto the bedroom floor, which was covered in kerosene.

This caused a fire that engulfed the flat, and about 180 people in neighbouring units were evacuated as a precaution.

Loh Fu Wah, a 63-year-old retiree, fell unconscious in the flat during the fire, and was rescued by Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) firefighters and taken to hospital.

As a result of the incident on Jan 28, 2022, Loh’s flat and the common corridor outside the unit were damaged.

On Tuesday, Loh pleaded guilty to one charge of causing a dangerous fire that causes damage to property belonging to another person or the Government.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Derek Ee said Tampines Town Council estimated the damage and cost of repair to be $20,000.

Loh’s family paid more than $14,000 to repair his unit.

On the day of the fire, Loh had poured kerosene in his living room and bedroom and used newspapers to scrub the floors. He was alone in the unit then.

While cleaning up, Loh consumed alcohol and felt depressed and lonely, DPP Ee said.

Loh had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease around April 2020. He was assessed to have depression due to the condition and started taking anti-depressants.

DPP Ee said that when Loh was last seen at the Institute of Mental Health (IMH) outpatient clinic in November 2021, he was noted to have a persistent low mood.

In an IMH medical report issued by Dr Ang Ren Xuan, the doctor expressed the view that there was a contributory link between Loh’s mental illness and the alleged offence, but that Loh was not of unsound mind.

DPP Ee said that at 10.15pm on the day of the fire, Loh sent a message to his family’s WhatsApp chat, saying: “Boys, I’ve always loved you but things had to end this way. Goodbye.”

At 10.29pm, Loh was resting in his bedroom when he lit a cigarette. While smoking it, he felt tired and dropped it onto the kerosene-covered floor.

Within minutes, the unit caught fire, said the DPP.

Between 10.29pm and 10.47pm, SCDF and the police received more than 30 calls that a fire had broken out in the Tampines flat.




what? he still alive. wonder man. House burn for hours and he lie drunk. ..Smoke did not even suffocate him nor fire burn him !!! unbelievable

syed putra

what? he still alive. wonder man. House burn for hours and he lie drunk. ..Smoke did not even suffocate him nor fire burn him !!! unbelievable
This man cause more problems than solving it. Now family in debt due to medical fees plus neighbours claiming damages.


Alfrescian (Inf)
this what happens when one cramps in with low ses losers in a hdb block. all it takes is one joker to evacuate the entire block.