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[Sg] - Deserted HDB Coffee Shop in Jurong West


Alfrescian (InfP)
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GalaxyStorm :​


Has anyone else come across such a quiet coffee shop? I live close to this one at 557 Jurong West Street 42. There's a handful of stalls around – a Western place, Yugo Yakuniku, a chicken rice stall, and an economic rice stall. You'd think that's a decent selection, right? But here's the catch: none of these are open for lunch, and even during dinner, the place is quiet af. Like the usual uncles drinking beer there that kind. Oh, and the Tze Char stall? It shut down a long time ago.

The drink stall there is another story – their prices are damn ex. $2.20 for a can of Coke, $2.60 for a can of Ribena Sparking, and $1.70 for a cup of teh.

This place used to draw more visitors, especially when Feizhu LokLok was around. They brought in a fair crowd. But, like others, they packed up and left eventually. Over the last year, I've seen numerous stalls come and go, usually closing within a couple of months. This isn't a new trend; it's been like this for years. Even the drink stall auntie questioned how the place ran for more than 7 years already without making losses, and say might have money laundering happening here.

How is this place still running? Shouldn't HDB look into this?