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[Sg] - AMDL beat red light along Nicoll highway, hit both another car and a food delivery rider; AMDL only kena fined $5K


Alfrescian (InfP)
Generous Asset

When the AMDL defendant drove to the intersection of Nicholas Avenue, she ran a red light and hit an electric bicycle and a car that had the right of way at the time. The rider and the driver of the car were both injured and hospitalized.

According to the electronic camera footage played in court, the traffic light facing the electric bicycle and the white car had just turned green, and when the vehicles started to drive, the AMDL defendant's red car came quickly from the right side of the road and directly hit the white car that was driving. car. The force of the collision caused the AMDL defendant's car to be overturned and all four wheels flipped over. During the process, the AMDL defendant's car also hit a rider who was riding an electric bicycle. The electric bicycle was knocked down, and the knight in red rolled on the ground and sat on the road.

It was revealed in court that the 21-year-old electric bicycle rider was seriously injured as a result. He had abrasions and pain on the right side of his neck and hip, as well as multiple dislocated fractures on his body. He was given eight days of sick leave, and after further examination, he was given 14 days of hospital leave. The 45-year-old man suffered back pain after driving a car and was given 10 days of sick leave.

The AMDL defendant was eventually fined $5,000 and had her driving license at all levels revoked for five years.



Alfrescian (Inf)
Remember this when you are about to recite (or worse, teach your brats to recite) the Sinkie pledge, especially during the annual August propaganda shitshow event.

"Based on justice and equality"... go ahead and teach your young ones to lie. :cool: