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Sexy Jiuhoobu Bread Stall Owner Promoting Her Buns



Netizens React To Sexy Sri Petaling Bread Stall Owner Promoting Her Buns​


JULY 14, 2023


When growing your business, you need a good marketing tactic on social media. It’s easy, free (as long as you have internet), and you can promote your business to more people. That was what this bread seller in Sri Petaling did – but people aren’t just talking about her buns.

First posted through a Facebook page promoting businesses in Sri Petaling, this Gen-Z bread seller talked about her experience opening a Roti King franchise at Restoran BC7 Enterprise (大家旺茶室). In the post, she spoke about the struggles she faced opening a store at a young age but is now working hard to make her business successful. While it may seem like your typical inspirational post, what caught netizens’ attention were the pictures that accompanied it.



The images were your average ‘people at work’ shots, depicting the owner working at her franchise stall, baking, packing, and tending to customers. However, the owner’s outfit was undoubtedly eye-catching because, despite only wearing a simple jean-and-tank combo, the top had a low cut that showed off her well-endowed chest.

The attention-grabbing photos were enough to get netizens reacting to the post. Many of them were definitely more interested in the owner than the bread, like one netizen who joked, “I’m going to this stall tomorrow. If I don’t see her, I’m calling the police.” One netizen also pointed out that the owner exudes “Thai vibes”, akin to the sexy store owners in Thailand. There were also tons of netizens tagging people to ask if they were interested in some “bread”.


While it’s unclear if this was how she’d typically dress, we’re sure wearing that outfit for the promotional post did wonders for her bread stall.

Source: Facebook


Her bod frame biologically unlikely to support. Enjoy the silicone. Wonder who's the lucky surgeon?


Alfrescian (Inf)
If women can show their neh-neh to jio business, why can't we men show our kukujiao to jio business too? Where's the equality?
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