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Alfrescian (InfP)
Generous Asset
Welcome back, bro.

this thread was started to check that we Samsters still ok during this Covid period.
yes bro. kana conned by my good friend. introduced one syt for me. kannna turned out to be a old hag. just whacked by hard earned money and juat wanked me. kana shit hole. unca you take too long. too long.....shit.bros be careful ok....


Alfrescian (InfP)
Generous Asset
here here!
cock still standing
but not as legendary as Johnny Holmes' :biggrin:
...me leely old liao
.....leepoting also nid 2 take 48 hours
good keep it going. slow lever mond. mistakes typo all over..hand n head aslo shake shake now...


Also MIA :
your Turtle.


SiMiTaiJi ?