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Renouncing PR and SRS withdrawal




I am an EP holder aged 40. Living in SG for 7 years with wife, who is pregnant - expected delivery (a son) in a couple of months.

We plan to move back to our home country in 7-8 years. Definitely not planning to retire in SG.

We want to apply for PR in Singapore for job security and lower taxes on property purchase.
I am also thinking of opening an SRS account (with DBS) to save on taxes.

A few questions - assuming we will get PR when we apply:
- Do I need to be physically present in Singapore at the retirement age to withdraw from SRS account? I will certainly be back in my home country by then
- I will need to renounce my son’s PR (and perhaps be forced to renounce my own PR too) when we inevitably move back to home country in a few years. Would the government allow me to return to SG post retirement (on a tourist visa) to collect my SRS funds?
- Does it make sense to apply for our PR right away (before the child’s birth), and have my son live with us on DP?

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