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Released Palestinian prisoner investigated for inciting more terror



Roda Abu Agamiya was set free as part of the hostage/prisoner exchange; in footage shared on social media, she urged Palestinians to support Hamas.​


The Israel Police opened an investigation into one of the Palestinian terrorists released from prison as part of the hostage deal with Hamas, Israeli lawmaker Zvi Sukkot (Religious Zionism) said on Monday.

Sukkot filed a complaint last week against Roda Abu Agamiya, a terrorist from Judea who served jail time for recruiting terrorists for the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, among other charges.

Abu Agamiya, from the Dheisheh camp near Bethlehem, was set free on Friday along with 38 other terrorists. In footage shared on Arab social media, she was seen celebrating her release and urging Palestinians to support Hamas.

“We are the sword of Mohammed Deif,” exclaimed Abu Agamiya, in reference to the head of Hamas’s Al-Qassam Brigades “military” wing.

In a Monday post on X (formerly Twitter), Sukkot revealed that he “submitted a police complaint against Rudah Abu Ajmiyah, one of the prisoners who were released as part of the hostages deal, due to her inciteful words after her release.

“Whoever incites terror must be in prison. What was won’t be,” added the Knesset member.

As part of the agreement with Hamas, Israel agreed to commute the sentences of at least 150 female and teenage Palestinian security prisoners, or three terrorists for every hostage released, in addition to pausing its military campaign against the terrorist group.

So far, 117 Palestinian terrorists have been released from Israeli jails. On Friday, Jerusalem freed 39 Palestinian terrorists. Another 39 were released on Saturday, with another 39 set free on Sunday evening.

Before their release, all prisoners were asked to sign a document pledging not to engage in terrorism.

Hamas announced in a statement on Sunday that it is hoping to extend the truce beyond the initial four-day period in order to secure the release of additional Palestinian terrorists.