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Red Devils 2016-2017

Congratulations to Manchester United for winning the UEFA Europa League 2017.

Jose Mourinho is very smart manager and winning the Europa League trophy worth much more than finishing in th 2nd place in the EPL :biggrin:


Make Herrera the new captain with Pogba the vice captain. The latter came in for a lot of stick this season much of it attributed to his price tag. United needs him for his incredible vision and long balls.

Herrera is probably the most improved player this season-United's Alonso if you like. He does all the 'dirty' work, shields the back 4 and supports the front men on occasions.

Players that I hope will leave-Jones,Rooney,Young, Fellaini and De Gea.

Players that I hope will come-Bellotti, Naby Keita, Bakayoko and Lindelof. It will be a super bonus if United could get Iniesta on a free transfer, probably the most brilliant and intelligent player of his generation.:biggrin:


Alfrescian (Inf)
Manchester United most valuable club in Europe, says KPMG

By Bill WilsonBusiness reporter, BBC News

Manchester United is the most valuable football club in Europe, being worth about 3bn euros (£2.6bn), according to business services group KPMG.

The Europa League winners top KPMG's analysis of top sides' "enterprise value", putting it ahead of Spanish giants Real Madrid and Barcelona.

The study analysed broadcasting rights, profitability, popularity, sporting potential and stadium ownership.
In the study of 32 teams, English clubs dominate, filling six top 10 places.

Andrea Sartori, KPMG's global head of sports and the report's author, said the overall value of the football industry had grown over the past year.

"While this is partially explained by football's broadcasting boom, the internationalisation of the clubs' commercial operations, their investment into privately-owned and modern facilities, and overall more sustainable management practices, are also key reasons for this growth," he said.
"In terms of media rights value, the English Premier League sits comfortably at the top of European leagues, although other major leagues have outlined well-defined strategies to compete for the attention of global fans."

[HR][/HR]Top 10 European clubs by 'enterprise value'

  • Manchester United -3.09bn euros
  • Real Madrid - 2.97bn euros
  • Barcelona - 2.76bn euros
  • Bayern Munich - 2.44bn euros
  • Manchester City - 1.97bn euros
  • Arsenal - 1.95bn euros
  • Chelsea - 1.59bn euros
  • Liverpool - 1.33bn euros
  • Juventus - 1.21bn euros
  • Tottenham - 1.01bn euros
Source: KPMG
[HR][/HR]But Mr Sartori said clubs were unable to influence their broadcasting income individually, given the collective nature of most deals.
This year, 10 clubs were valued in excess of 1bn euros (£867m), two more than in 2016.
Tottenham Hotspur and Italy's Juventus were the new entrants to this elite group, with Tottenham ousting French club Paris Saint-Germain from 10th position.
Despite Premier League dominance, Spain was the only country with two clubs reporting an "enterprise value" above 2bn euros, namely Real Madrid and Barcelona.
The report is based on financial and non-financial information from the 2014-15 and 2015-16 football seasons.


Alfrescian (Inf)
Zlatan Ibrahimovic: Manchester United not expected to offer deal to striker

By Simon Stone
BBC Sport

Zlatan Ibrahimovic missed the last 10 matches of the season with a knee injury
Manchester United are not expected to offer striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic a new contract when his current deal expires on 30 June.

The 35-year-old agreed a one-year contract, with an option for second season, last summer.

But the extension had not been triggered by the time the Swede suffered his season-ending knee ligament injury in April.

The Premier League's retained list will be released on Friday.

Former England defender John Terry will be among the high-profile free agents available this summer, following his exit from Chelsea, while Manchester City have already confirmed goalkeeper Willy Caballero, winger Jesus Navas and full-backs Gael Clichy and Bacary Sagna are to be released.

Midfielder Joey Barton is also looking for a new club after his release from Burnley, although he is serving an 18-month ban for betting offences.

Ibrahimovic made 46 appearances in all competitions this season, scoring 28 goals, and helped Jose Mourinho's team lift the Community Shield, the League Cup and the Europa League trophy.