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Red Cross denies NGO's claim it's involved in terror 'pay-for-slay' policy



New Palestinian Media Watch expose quoted PLO Prisoner Affairs Authority chief, who described the Red Cross as “an essential partner in the process that enables payment to imprisoned Palestinians."​


A document issued by the International Red Cross Committee (ICRC) is essential for terrorists serving time in Israeli prisons in order to receive salaries from the Palestinian Authority (PA) under the policy known as ‘Pay for Slay,’ an expose conducted by watchdog NGO Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) reveals, quoting Palestinian officials.

The ICRC claimed in response that such documents are provided around the world as part of their humanitarian activity and denied any involvement in the PA’s stipends (see full response below).

This issue has been stipulated in PA regulations for many years despite an Israeli law that prohibits “providing incentives for terrorist activity.” Stipends paid by the Palestinian Authority to Palestinian terrorists charged with committing terror attacks against Israelis have been subject to scrutiny for the past several years.