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Rare partial solar eclipse to be visible from Singapore on Apr 20



Rare partial solar eclipse to be visible from Singapore on Apr 20​

Science Centre Singapore will be hosting a viewing session for the annular eclipse at its Ecogarden from 11am to 1pm.
Rare partial solar eclipse to be visible from Singapore on Apr 20
A partial solar eclipse is seen from central Stockholm on Oct 25, 2022. (File photo: AFP/TT News Agency/Jonas Ekstromer)
06 Apr 2023 05:22PM (Updated: 12 Apr 2023 08:04PM)
SINGAPORE: Stargazers will be in for a treat later this month as a rare hybrid solar eclipse will be visible from Singapore in the late morning and early afternoon on Apr 20.
"In this rare type of solar eclipse, some places will observe a total solar eclipse while some will observe an annular solar eclipse," Singapore's Science Centre Observatory said on Thursday (Apr 6).
"This is due to the moon's orbit and Earth's curvature during the eclipse."
While people in some parts of the world, including the town of Exmouth in Western Australia, will be able to see a total eclipse, others in places like Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines and Papua New Guinea, which are out of the complete shadow of the moon, will witness a partial eclipse.
"In Singapore, the moon will only cover an average of 15 per cent of the Sun’s disk at the peak of the eclipse," the observatory said.
The eclipse will begin at 10.54am, reach its peak at 11.55am and end at 12.58pm.
"The solar eclipse can be spotted from most places in Singapore, as it is almost directly above our heads," added the observatory.
Science Centre Singapore will be hosting a viewing session for the eclipse at its Ecogarden from 11am to 1pm with telescopes set up to provide safe and magnified views of the phenomenon. Telescope viewing is complimentary with a Science Centre admission ticket.
The eclipse will also be livestreamed on Science Centre Singapore's YouTube channel.

In pictures: Venus at the tip of a glowing crescent moon over Singapore

In pictures: Crescent moon, Jupiter and Venus seen in alignment over Singapore


The Science Centre Observatory advised members of the public to ensure that they view the eclipse safely.
"Directly viewing the eclipse with the naked eye is unsafe, and the use of sunglasses and common household or vehicular solar films are also insufficient," it said.
"To ensure adequate protection for the eyes, viewers must use specialised solar filters. Those using telescopes or binoculars to view the eclipse should use proper solar filters designed for the equipment.
"Sunglasses and window solar films are not safe and will damage your eyes."
Science Centre Singapore's Curiosity Shop sells special glasses made for solar observation at S$5 a pair. These glasses can be purchased online for collection at the shop.
Solar viewers, meanwhile, are available for S$5.90 at the Astro Scientific Centre, which is also located at the Science Centre.
After Apr 20, Singapore will have to wait until Aug 2, 2027, to see another solar eclipse.
"It will be a partial solar eclipse occurring during sunset, which is difficult to catch," the observatory said.
"Following that, another partial solar eclipse will be visible in Singapore on Jul 22, 2028."