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Raped by 7 men at the same time, the instafamous couple only received RM57,000 in compensation



The video screen capture shows the couple's faces which are full of cuts and bruises from the incident. — Agency

VIRTUAL CITIZENS around the world were recently shocked by the news that a female motorcycle traveler and famous influencer, Fernanda and her partner, Vicente were attacked by seven men in Jharkand, India.

Even more unfortunate, the 28-year-old woman was also a victim of gang rape by the suspect.

In the latest developments, the police managed to arrest seven suspects and three of them were arrested a few days after the incident.
At the same time, the Indian police gave compensation of Rs.10 lakh (RM57,000) to the Spanish woman.

Citing international media reports, Deputy Commissioner of Indian Police, A Dodde handed over the Rs.10 lakh check to the victim's husband.

The victim's husband received compensation and thanked the police for immediately investigating the case, India Today reported .

When the unfortunate incident happened, the victim was traveling on a motorcycle with her husband.

She is believed to have been gang-raped while resting in a tent with her husband at a location located around 300 kilometers (km) from the capital Ranchi.

The Deputy Commissioner said the couple would leave Dumka on Tuesday (March 12) under police protection.

"We are ready to provide any help they need," he said.

It is understood that the victim and her husband, 64 years old, traveled to Dumka on a motorcycle from Bangladesh. They were supposed to go to Bhagalpur in Bihar after resting at Dumka. Their final destination is Nepal.

The couple is traveling to explore Asia and they have tourist visas to India. They initially went to Pakistan and from there continued to Bangladesh, before arriving in Dumka.


Police have only managed to arrest three suspects so far while four others are being hunted.

Meanwhile, the Jharkhand High Court on Monday (March 4) took up the case of the Spanish woman's gang rape and asked the government to file a report, according to India Today.

"Any crime against foreigners can have serious consequences at the national and international level, including affecting the country's tourism economy. A sexual act against a foreign woman will affect the country's image, thus India's good name in the eyes of the world," said the court.

The gang rape case has once again put the spotlight on sexual violence in India.

On average, about 90 rapes per day were recorded in 2022, according to data from the National Crime Records Bureau.

The states of Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh recorded the highest number of rape cases. — Agency


The AMDK couple should not take things for granted. European safety standard can inky be found in Paradise Isle de woh.

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