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random thought on those failures


why aunty want drive grab and park at flat below block way and then kena commented on blocking road when making money from bitcoins is so simple.

known a bmt mate known as faizal he said he so suay ken army and not civil defence in ns so become lazy cant even pass piit so went in early to trin physical, people took 3 months he took 4 months plus then finish, worst lazy dont do area cleaning and dont know a thing only know how to smoke wake up late din eat breakfast kena pump ji bye sabo king, finish soc nearly collapsed fuck by sergeant show fucking face, worst failed range and sat stay back shoot till past, finally passed out bmt as failure to be driver and 9 months later when see us his former bmt mates faizal has to salute call us SIR and he only lance corporal in army, guess until now also have not wake up his idea in life

known another sec school mate from SGT known as hazizz, study quite well top 1 or 2 but in sec 2 never wear tie outside classroom as prefect so kena taken his tie away and discharge from prefect by discipline master not hes suay but lack of discipline and it shows can study well is also useless, worst he in NCC kena officer in charge is also the discipline master suay this time he kena marked so till sec 4 he only pass out pop as corporal as he purposely did not want to participate in acitivites to spite this discipline master teacher and thought he can pull down SGT marks in NCC but no loh as SGT NCC still came out top in whole country hazia lanlan loh, and worst that year english very tough so he scored all A1 and A2 but failed in english kena pinpoint by principal to whole school he and few so call top students use bombastic english but it sounded ridiculous to cambridge professors so mark mistakes and fail terribly in SGT history first of its kind top student flunk english and fail to get into jc and they think can use cca points but he only corporal low eca points dig his own grave, at last go poly only and retake english as private in poly, later study australia university and work as computer guy in police force but his kay kiang attitude never change guess until never never wake up his idea in life yet


i think in this world each has their own mind-set and destiny. I wake-up my idea late (near to age 35) and for the last 10-years work double hard and can only match those great-achiever in their early 30s. I guess if one fill happy in a position which to you is a shit-hole, you can't blame why he feel happy.