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Radical Migrant Muslim TikTok Star: We will bring Sharia to Germany. Why Sinkieland Sharia still not established?




“Breezy the Don El Jefe” is a radical Islamist TikTok star.In a live stream on the platform, he is threatening: “Soon we bring Sharia to Germany.[...] We are already so many here.Anyone who does not join the Sharia is Austria for him has “only one word: mustard gas”.

On the TikTok, “Breezy the Don El Jefe” is a small star.He gathers 50,000 followers on his account, videos of him some reach six-digit numbers of calls.“Breezy of Don El Jefe”, is a Muslim, 31 years old, comes from Turkey and lives in Tenerife.

His short videos about his attitude towards Germany are appealing in parts of the young Muslim community and are busy re-sustaining.In a current live stream together with the user "Tesla Han", Hatay said the following sentences: "The Germans will experience their blue miracle. We will take her nightland. And when we are done with Germany, Austria comes."