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Putin offers citizenship to foreigners who fight for Russia


Putin offers citizenship to foreigners who fight for Russia

January 5, 20241:45 AM GMT+8Updated 10 hours ago

Jan 4 (Reuters) - President Vladimir Putin issued a decree on Thursday allowing foreign nationals who fight for Russia in Ukraine to obtain Russian citizenship for themselves and their families.
The order said people who have signed contracts during what Moscow calls its "special military operation" in Ukraine can apply to get Russian passports for themselves and their spouses, children and parents. They must provide documents showing that they signed up for a minimum of one year.
Those eligible include people who have signed contracts with the regular armed forces or other "military formations" - a description that could apply to groups such as the Wagner mercenary organisation.
The measure appeared to be aimed at creating additional incentives for foreigners with military experience to apply to join Russian ranks.
Moscow does not publish data on the number of foreigners fighting on its side in Ukraine. However, Reuters has reported previously on Cubans who signed up for the military in return for bonuses equivalent to more than 100 times the average Cuban monthly salary, and three Africans recruited by Wagner, of whom two were killed in action.


Only fools will get tricked by that fucker Bloodymir Putin. How long you think you can remain as a Russky because before your 1-year assignment to the warfront, you'd probably be dead by then.


Alfrescian (Inf)
desperate times call for desperate measures. with such a desperate move russia will becum islamofascistic.