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Punggol resident complains of murder of crows 'waiting' for food to be thrown from HDB flats



Punggol resident complains of murder of crows 'waiting' for food to be thrown from HDB flats​

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Farah Daley

Posted on 13 June 2023 | 1,830 views | 7 comments
Submitted by Stomper Mr Tan
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A Punggol resident is concerned with the growing number of crows in his neighbourhood.
Stomper Mr Tan shared with Stomp photos he took of a murder of crows near Block 223A Sumang Lane.
"There is a huge pollution of aggressive crows loitering around the garden waiting for food to be thrown out from high-level units," he said.
"If there is no food, these crows would eat or attack smaller birds."
He added that on June 12, he heard people shouting while he was in his living room mopping his floor.
"I thought there was fighting so I looked out the window and saw a group of crows attack an elderly man, targetting his head.
"Luckily enough, there were some GrabFood delivery guys who used sticks to chase the crows off.
"If not, the poor man may have fallen down or even bled from the crow attack.
"Littering has gotten worse at Block 223A Sumang Lane, the whole garden is full of rats, pigeons, mynah birds and crows.
"I have given feedback to the National Environment Agency (NEA) and town council many times but the situation has not improved at all.
"There are many kindergartens nearby and teachers will bring students to the park/garden.
"I can't imagine if the poor students get attacked by crows."
This is not the first time, people have been attacked by crows.
In March, a woman was attacked by a crow while walking along a pavement in Serangoon.
In February, Stomp reported on a spate of crow attacks near Block 110 Bishan Street 12.
The National Parks Board (NParks) said it was working with Bishan-Toa Payoh Town Council (BTPTC) to remove crow nests, prune trees and conduct crow trapping.
The trapped birds would be euthanised.

syed putra

In jiu hu, they organise crow hunting in cities but decided to stop due to dangers in populated areas.