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MsPuiyi Claps Back At Naysayers: “People Think I Only Get Gigs Because Of My Body?”
Source: Facebook/MS PUIYI
It has been half a year since local artist MsPuiyi (Siew Puiyi) officially quit OnlyFans. Since then, the popular content creator has been toning down her raunchy content. Unfortunately, that hasn’t lessened the judgment on her.
A few days ago, MsPuiyi announced her return to OnlyFans to mixed reactions from netizens. However, the 25-year-old recently took to her socials to explain why she had started OnlyFans again and to make it very clear to her naysayers that her content on the notorious platform is no longer explicit.
Source: Facebook/MS PUIYI
Ever since MsPuiyi quit OnlyFans, her content has been changing. While she remains unapologetic about her posts, she has definitely been less provocative. And all this has been done to prove a point. “I swear (during) these 9 months, I proved to people that even without being sexy and provocative, I could actually have a career. I wouldn’t want anyone to think my success comes from solely my body,” she said.
However, her image change has come at a price, leaving her “not feeling like (herself) at all“. “I have to watch what I say, what I do, where I go to, whom I’m with, what to wear, cover this, cover that, etc. It’s useless as long as people have their own judgements,” she lamented. And the criticism upon her return to OnlyFans has proved it.
While she has gotten a warm welcome back, others have taken it as a sign that a tiger cannot change its stripes. Well, MsPuiyi did not take that lying down. “The OnlyFans account, it fully (features) safe content. The platform is being used only to talk to fans and again, the messages from fans aren’t what you guys (are thinking) of,” she clarified, adding examples to further drive home her point.
Source: Facebook/MS PUIYI
MsPuiyi also pointed out that the perception of OnlyFans hosting obscene content was actually a stereotype. “If any creator wants to promote pornographic content, they can do so on virtually any platform, not just OnlyFans,” she wrote, adding she had only joined the platform after her computer was hacked and her photos leaked.
I don’t know why I (have) been going around apologising for something unfortunate that happened to me,” MsPuiyi stated. “So, my past has been the only (obstacle to advancing my career) and brands are rejecting me? Alright, I went for total (overhaul) these past 9 months. So, people think I only get gigs because of my body? (Then,) I will not be provocative anywhere in my performance.
As for her former raunchy content, the 25-year-old explained that she is letting the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) handle it. “Because times have changed now, and the fact that I’m sharing this new (handle) has saved many victims,” she said. For netizens still doubtful about her new OnlyFans platform, she urged them to check it out. “It’s free,” she stated. “Verify (for) yourself that it’s clean af.
Source: Facebook/MS PUIYI
So right now, I’m being confident and outspoken and sexy and smart because that’s what made people like me in the first place and I’m unapologetic af about it,” MsPuiyi stated. She is also fairly confident brands have no grounds to “reject or outcast” her anymore.
Once again, I literally proved (that) a girl can be smart and sexy yet use business analytics to build a career by (observing) consumers’ behaviour. I ate and I own it 100%,” she finished. As for her followers, they’ve risen up to back MsPuiyi, congratulating her on her efforts and praising her personality.
Source: Facebook/MS PUIYI
Well, haters will keep hating, but we applaud MsPuiyi’s transparency and determination to move on from her past. We understand that it can’t be easy, but as always, MsPuiyi has never let that stop her. Kudos to her, and we wish her well as she keeps climbing higher!
Source: Facebook
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syed putra

She looks like an auntie.
There's MILFs, then there's AILFs.
She was a beaut when younger. Too bad her Chinese bf turned her into this. Bumi policy denied her higher education.
But she sacrificed her life to get her younger brothers and sisters into higher education. What a woman.