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PRs have the most privileged VIP status in Singapore.


PRs have the most privileged VIP status in Singapore.

I once spoke to a PR holder whose whole family was in Singapore and went to Singapore primary school since young but all still refuse to dump their western citizenship and become Singaporeans: the answer (/implied) was that Singapore is a police state, good only for short term work/business interest but always safer to keep USA or UK etc citizenship just incase sampan sinks: i.e. Singapore is like tiny utopia to them, good only whilst it last but can close down anytime because it is such a small place with an authoritarian government.

Also, being a police state with biased elections (gerrymandering, use of GRC to bypass need for byelections), police/ politicians can give black listed people trouble, so better focus on just making $$$, be law abiding, don't ask too many questions and always feel secure because the motherland (western, USA, UK) remains the ever present safety PARACHUTE anytime conditions in Singapore become unfavourable. HDB and condo are also useless in civilian strife because without water, electricity or gas, all residences, especially high rise HDB flats become prisons if not death traps.

Police also avoid giving PR trouble just like tourist seem to get off the hook (whether proven or not) because the foreign embassy/ ambassador will always get involved, demand detailed reports and even request to speak with the Singapore Foreign Minister whenever their citizens are detained, arrested or charged, maybe even President of USA in Michael Faye case few decades ago make make public demands; thus overall, PR is the sweet spot for people staying in Singapore, all the benifits with minimal costs, the most VIP status of all.

Now I understand why so many PR REFUSE to take up Singapore citizenship, to have their ambassador or diplomats ensuring their safety from unnecessary harassment and foreign citizenship as a golden parachute is the most valuable thing of all.

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