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Serious Police Investigating Two Oppies For Threatening To Harm Good Shanmugam With An Egg! Fuck U Oppies!


Alfrescian (InfP)
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SINGAPORE - The police are investigating two men for comments about throwing an egg at Law and Home Affairs Minister K. Shanmugam.

In response to queries from The Straits Times, the police said on Monday (March 25) that a report was lodged last Tuesday against a 20-year-old male netizen who had left a comment on a Facebook post suggesting that he wanted to throw an egg at Mr Shanmugam.

A 47-year-old male netizen subsequently responded to the comment to provide information on the minister's upcoming Meet-the-People session.

"The police take such threats seriously, and will carry out investigations accordingly," said the police.

Both men are currently assisting the police with investigations, for the offence of communicating an electronic record to incite violence under Section 267C of the Penal Code.

Anyone convicted of this offence can be jailed for up to five years or fined, or both.

The comments were made on a Channel NewsAsia Facebook post regarding the controversy surrounding Australian senator Fraser Anning's comments on the Christchurch shootings on March 15 that killed 50 and injured dozens others.

The right-wing Australian senator, who was widely condemned for blaming the terror attacks on Muslims, was hit with an egg on the back of his head by a young man at a Melbourne event on March 16.

"I wanna do that to K Shanmugam. I swear," commented Facebook user Edmund Zhong, according to a screenshot of the comment thread that appeared on socio-political website The Independent.

Another user named Jack Ng said: "I will supply the egg." User Louis Ng said "Go on".

Mr Zhong had also posted on Facebook group Complaint Singapore, saying two police officers had visited his house with regard to his "egg throwing comments towards K Shanmugam", according to a screenshot of his post on The Independent.

Mr Zhong wrote: "Apparently 3 days ago, 2 officers from Ang Mo Kio Division HQ went to my home regarding my egg throwing comments towards K Shanmugam. Felt a mix of emotions as I didn't expect a harmless but straightforward comment can gain so much reaction."

He also shared a picture of a notice that the police had allegedly left at his door, asking him to look for an investigating officer at the police's Ang Mo Kio division headquarters.



Alfrescian (InfP)
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Barbaric behaviour of attacking MPs is acceptable in uncivilized societies but remains a crime in Singapore. That's what makes the Little Red Dot an oasis of peace in a region full of political instability and corruption.


Alfrescian (Inf)
This is why Internet anonymity is so important. Especially when the fascists running Sinkieland are notoriously thin-skinned, and there is nothing similar to the Second Amendment to protect the freedom of speech.


Should throw a bloody Grenade at him, one of the real scum in white with no human decency. Thank goodness he is an ah neh, if not he might now be PM.


KNN a person is not fit to be a minister if 1. they are scared of an egg not a basket of eggs and also 2. took time to investigate rather than self reflecting why someone suggested throwing an egg KNN


Alfrescian (Inf)
Intent to throw egg can become police case ?
When you have no internet anonymity, even an intent to sneeze could become a police case. :wink:

But Sinkies gladly sacrifice foolish 'civil liberties' from the decadent west in exchange for 'stability' and 'prosperity'. In the end they will find out they end up with nothing. :biggrin:


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On HWZ EDMW's thread on this topic "Sinkie kenna lim kopi after he said he wan to throw eggs at Shanmugam", theAnonymous wrote :

yes yes yes, the law is so good that the police will protecc all the peepur. wooooo.. i feel sooooo protected.

chio si lang.

a few words scribbled on paper can protect peepur. delusional, zero standard and act smart say other peepur. pang pui king lah u.

like i said earlier, i dont expect stupig stinkies to understand the difference.

since u r so stupig and u dunno wat lim pei is talking about let me play piano to u again, cow.

case 1: protection

wherever LHL goes, he is escorted by many many policemen. if u run towards him, u will get the shiat beaten out of u, arrested or shot on sight.

this is called protection.

case 2: reaction

u walk on the street, siao lang stinkie beat the shiat out of u, u bleed everywhere. police arrest the guy.

this is called reaction. not protection. u already got the shiat beaten out of u. where is the protection?

aiya, like i said, tok to stinkie is like playing piano to cow one. smlj also dunno, wan to act like law man, wan to act atas, then still wan to pang chao pui everywhere. chio si lang lah. stupig is stupig, eat medicine also no cure one. knnbccb.