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PM Lee urged Singaporeans to work hard and stand together to support Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong and his 4G team


Alfrescian (Inf)

"I will work harder! Napoleon is always right!"

Sinkie version:
"I will work harder! PAPoleon is always right!"


Talking to u lazy oppies! Cum out of retirement, and work till u die to pay for ur morning kopi, eggs and kaya toast. :biggrin:


Who the fuck wants losers with coolie genes ?
The correct label is 'quitters'. When your manager is an asshole, you quit and look for a better company. You will eventually find a good manager and your potential is fully extracted, utilised and benefits yourself and your company.

The analogy is the same when it comes to political systems. You go find a political system that appreciates you and you help grow and contribute to the development of that country. It's a reciprocative and mutually beneficial way to enjoy life

Quitters from Singapore have been known to thrive and do very well especially when they shake off that often fearmongered word 'discrimination'.

The ones who are actually the quitters in SG are politicians like GCT and PAP who quit listening to the people's wants and abandons them. And then call them names.