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Alfrescian (Inf- Comp)
I am even surprised that such questions needed to be asked...Lol..:biggrin:

Have you wonder young kids these days.. throw them a phone and they themselves can figure out how things work in apps and website without asking stupid questions...

It's becoming a generation gap, just like when VCRs were invented, the older generation were always asking their children how to operate the VCRs, how to record, press which button and so on to the exasperation of their kids. Now these kids have grown up and now asking how to operate an app or website tools and the cycle goes round.. lol:biggrin:

Thankfully, not all of us are like that, but the majority are, as I have described above, the fear to try out themselves and because you don't try or no guts to test, you will find that you become dumb after a while and rot as a follower, voting for PAP because PAP will tell you this and that and give you instructions to follow. Degeneration will eventually sets in and your independent judgement weakens.

That's my 5 cents on this issue...Lol :biggrin: