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Please Guess??? Man Taking Selfie Fell Over Landed on Changi T1's Taxi Stand Railing!



Man falls from height in Changi Airport Terminal 1; impact apparently dented metal handrail​

The man was found conscious when the SCDF arrived and was sent to Changi General Hospital.​

Seow Kai Lun
Seow Kai Lun
Updated Sat, 23 March 2024 at 6:47 am GMT-7

A man was taken to hospital after allegedly falling from a height at Changi Airport Terminal 1. (Photo: Rainy/XiaoHongShu)

A man was taken to hospital after allegedly falling from a height at Changi Airport Terminal 1. (Photo: Rainy/XiaoHongShu)
SINGAPORE — A 20-year-old man was found lying on the floor at a taxi stand at Changi Airport Terminal 1 on Saturday (23 March) after seemingly falling from a higher floor in the same building.
The Straits Times reported that the police had been alerted to a fall from height in the premises at about 4.10pm. The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) also received an alert around the same time and found the man lying on the floor when the ambulance arrived.
According to 8world, the man is believed to be a foreigner and was conscious when SCDF arrived. He was then sent to Changi General Hospital.
When a reporter from the Chinese website visited the site of the incident, one of the metal handrails at the taxi stand was bent, apparently from the impact of the man who had fell.
A user on Chinese social media platform Xiaohongshu also shared a photo of the man lying face down between handrails that has now been deleted.
Another Xiaohongshu user, Rainy, told the English daily that she had been on level two at Terminal 1 chatting with a friend when they heard a loud noise. When she looked over, she saw the man lying on the floor on the level below.
Speaking to 8world, a woman only known as Ms Wu said she had heard another witness share that the man who fell had been reaching over the glass barrier with his hands outstretched to take a photo from the floor above and accidently tumbled over the barrier, resulting in the fall.
A Changi Airport Group spokesperson told Yahoo Southeast Asia, “The member of public has been conveyed to Changi General Hospital by SCDF. The police are currently investigating the incident.”