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ByHello Its me

March 21, 2023

When I was growing up, my parents had a strict parenting style. They expected me to be independent and self-reliant. I was allowed to make my own mistakes and learn from them. I had to take responsibility for my actions and learn from my experiences. This taught me how to be resilient and have strong mental fortitude.
However, nowadays, I see a lot of parents spoiling their children.
I can’t help but wonder how this will affect their future. Will these children grow up to be independent and resilient, or will they be too fragile to handle life’s inevitable challenges?
Some parents just don’t pamper the children. I know of someone, she gave permission for the tuition teacher or anybody to cane/punish his son if he misbehave. Now the child has grown up and is taking care of her mother. Another case is just the opposite, when the son came back from school and complained that his teacher punished him, his mother would go to school and reason with the teacher.
It’s true that some things have changed since I was growing up. Children today have more access to technology, more material possessions, and more opportunities. But I think it’s important that parents don’t give them everything they want.
When children are spoiled, it can lead to a lack of discipline and a lack of respect for authority. This can lead to children who are unable to handle the challenges and pressures of life. They may be too fragile to handle the disappointments and failures they will inevitably face.
Another problem with spoiling children is that it can lead to a sense of entitlement. These children may expect more than they are entitled to and feel entitled to have their demands met without putting in any effort. This can lead to a lack of motivation and a dependence on others to solve their problems.
Additionally, children who are spoiled are more likely to lack problem-solving skills. They may rely on others to solve their problems for them, or they may not know how to deal with life’s challenges. This can lead to them feeling overwhelmed and helpless when faced with difficult situations.
Parents who spoil their children may think they are doing them a favor, but in the long run, this can lead to a lack of resilience and an inability to cope with life’s challenges. It’s important to teach children how to be independent and how to solve their own problems. This will equip them with the skills they need to be successful in life.
It’s also important for parents to provide boundaries and rules for their children. This will help them develop self-control and respect for authority. Setting limits is important, as it teaches children that there are consequences for their actions.
Finally, it’s important to let children make their own mistakes and learn from them. This will give them the opportunity to develop problem-solving skills and resilience. It will also teach them that failure is part of life and that they can overcome it.
In conclusion, spoiling children can lead to weak mental fortitude and a lack of resilience.
Why children nowadays are so so fragile. Nowadays parents are so scared of their children