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Serious Parcel Delivery Assistant Fucked 6 Boys! 3 Victims Are His Nephews! He Got His Stepson And Nephew To Fuck Each Other Too! Guess Race and Religion!


Alfrescian (InfP)
Generous Asset

A 31-year-old Singaporean man was sentenced to 40 years in jail and the maximum of 24 strokes of caning on Sep. 18, 2023, for sexually assaulting six young boys over eight years, from 2012 to 2020.

The youngest boy was only six at the time of the offences, and the oldest was 13.

Three of the victims were his cousins' children.

The prosecution described the case as "among the worst cases of paedophilic sexual abuse that has come before the courts".

The man was not named due to a gag order protecting the victims' identities.

Soccer prey
The man became acquainted with two of his earlier victims when he played soccer with them about 10 years ago.

In 2013, he followed one of them, then 11, into a public toilet.

While the boy relieved himself, the man sexually assaulted him.

The man also lured the other victim, whom he saw as a "godbrother", to a staircase landing.

This, too, ended with the victim, who was then 10, being sexually assaulted.

The man's other victims were found closer to home.

Stayed over with relatives
In 2019, the man stayed over at his aunt's apartment in Woodlands, where one of his cousin's then nine-year-old sons was lodged.

The boy was said to have shared a close relationship with the man.

One night, the man molested the boy while sleeping with the victim's brother in the living room.

Sometime in August 2020, the man occasionally stayed over at another cousin's place.

Knowing that the man's mother was worried about her son's employment, this cousin, who delivered parcels for a living, had offered the man a job as his assistant for S$500 monthly.

Within a month of him accepting this new job, the man made his move on this cousin's son.

Targeted nephews
The man would sexually abuse his nephew, then six years old, while distracting the boy with handphone games.

Over the next three months, this sexual abuse escalated to him cajoling the boy and his then 8-year-old stepbrother to perform sexual acts on each other.

He also took away the younger boy's handphone game as a means of persuading him to comply with his requests.

On the morning of Oct. 22, 2020, the man's actions were brought to light when his own mother caught him lying half-clothed with the younger boy.

His mother had been staying over at the apartment, and was sleeping on the living room sofa while the man slept with the boy on a mattress next to her.

Diagnosed with paedophilic disorder
The 31-year-old faced a total of 54 charges in court.

The prosecution stated that "the accused pose[d] a grave danger to society", citing that the man had been diagnosed with paedophilic disorder, and that the Institute of Mental Health deemed him a “clear danger to young boys”.



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