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Serious PAP MP Confronts F&B Cafe For Selling Alcohol! Lots Of Non-Yislum Foreigners Drinking There!


Alfrescian (InfP)
Generous Asset

There's a saying that 'all publicity is good publicity'. But one F&B business owner in Yishun might beg to differ.

The owner of neighbourhood eatery Hood Vibes told Shin Min Daily News that her business has taken a hit following a Facebook post from a Member of Parliament (MP).

On Aug 15, MP Derrick Goh of Nee Soon GRC wrote about how he had heard "rumblings" that a pub had started in his constituency at Block 468A Yishun Street 43

"I did not believe that such a licence would be granted and hence decided to personally check this out," he stated, adding that he visited Hood Vibes with HDB officers on Aug 12.

Goh said that he was surprised to see "a pub set-up" at the ground-floor unit, with alcoholic drinks on the menu.

"There were patrons, most of whom I did not recognise as Nee Soon Link residents,
" the MP said. He added that according to HDB, the business was granted a cafe licence they "were also surprised" to see "what was clearly" a liquor joint.

Goh stated that HDB is investigating the potential breach of licensing conditions.

According to a report in the Chinese evening daily on Saturday (Aug 19), residents had raised complaints about the noise levels generated, purportedly by the F&B establishment.

Speaking to Shin Min Daily News, a resident said that the noise from the eatery had disrupted his family's daily life.

"There were people talking loudly after 7pm and it got worse after 11pm," he said. "They were talking loudly outside, laughing loudly and you could hear yelling."

Another resident, surnamed Chen, said that the Hood Vibes should not be allowed to continue operations if it is indeed a pub.

"There would be second-hand smoke and fights," said the 31-year-old housewife. "I'm afraid the children here will be affected."

However, one 53-year-old resident shared that he was not bothered by the eatery's presence, stating his observation that customers drank alcohol mostly in the evenings.

Not a pub, just a 'simple cafe': Hood Vibes owner
In an interview with Shin Min Daily News, the owner of Hood Vibes decried the negative attention the eatery has gotten.

She shared that authorities had previously launched a "surprise spot-check" on her establishment without issue.

The owner, who did not wish to be named but was identified as a "Ms Poh" in Goh's post, said that the eatery is not a pub, but a cafe with an alcohol licence.

"We are just a very simple cafe [that sells pasta and chicken chop], otherwise we would not be open in the morning," she stated, adding that their business runs from 11am to 10pm.

Claiming that no loud music is played on their premises, she said: "[If the eatery is a pub], there should be singing and dancing, but we don't have live singing. We only play very soft background music."

On the noise complaints, the Hood Vibes boss said that she'd reviewed CCTV footage following feedback from the authorities and determined that the noise did not originate from the shop.

"All of us had left shortly after 10pm...the authorities had informed us about the complaints from residents, but the noise should not be from us," she said, emphasising that there are no seats outside the eatery for patrons to linger.

The owner added that business has been affected since the MP's social media post, which she stated "is misleading".

She told Shin Min Daily News that she will be meeting with Goh soon to discuss the issue.



You mean if you not from Toa Payoh you cannot go there to eat?

Liddat than how Pinky family can Ho eat at Bukit Merah hawker centre ?


Alfrescian (Inf)
On Aug 15, MP Derrick Goh of Nee Soon GRC wrote about how he had heard "rumblings" that a pub had started in his constituency at Block 468A Yishun Street 43

Sounds like some Islamofascists have been telling tales to that PAP MP. :wink:

Sometimes alcohol is mixed with coffee. Even chocolate contains alcohol. :rolleyes: