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PAP Mis-steps Continue - LHL leader collapses?

Let me count the ways......

In any major organisation, when top people like CEO, CFO etc resign, it is the ORGANISATION which issues the information. Here in the House Divided, you have GY and his Merry Man and Woman holding their own press conferences, telling the world they are quitting, with nary a word from Organisation or HLH. It was like telling LHL to take their jobs and shaft it.

Secondly, this becomes more important when BOTH the top and longest (self-)serving of the Divided House, the PM actually says he will think about it! Read
Yawning Bread's insightful dissection -


Thirdly, we have all sorts of headless chickens (the likes of Halimah who claims that the latest two resignations were planned!!!!) who under the guise of "transformation" and "transparency" are trying to sound intelligent but sadly (but not suprisingly) demonstrate their absolute lack of grey matter up there and lack of moral fibre. For goodness sake, did LHL not say that the latest two resignations were "under consideration"? Or is everyone now trying to tell the world that there is NO GROUPTHINK after years of collecting their million dollars with zero moral values?

Any wonder then, that as this is being posted, the blue chips of the SGX are falling like potato chips?