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PAP has gone mad! Wants to research on nuclear safety!


I look at this from another point. If we were to depend on fossil fuel or even gas to generate our electricity needs, we are always at the beck and call of Indonesia and Malaysia. Once we offend any of these 2 countries, they will definitely "tekan" or cripple our economy in one way or another, just like what that fucker Mamak Kutty will always like to do with our water supplies. Indonesians (not exactly their President) are not that friendly towards Singapore either. And if I remember correctly, there was one time when Indonesia temporarily cut off our gas supply via its Bintan/Batam Pipeline on the pretext of technical faults. True or not nobody knows.

So, we have to think of alternative ways to generate our electrical needs, especially for our Semiconductor and Technology Industries, air and sea ports, etc, which will require tremendous amount of uninterrupted power supplies. And time is never a friend of mankind.

Those politicians in our neighboring countries are always jealous of our prosperity and creativeness as we have mostly been 1-step ahead of them. That is also why that bloody Thai Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin, is so envious of the Talor Swift concert in Singapore and had to create a stir on this incidence to his own advantage.

Heard of aether? Heard of free energy, Nikola Tesla? Electricity were everywhere actually. It just that they don’t tell you and made you a slave to work for it.

The creator created everything free for us but unfortunately, the sheep surrendered all natural resources to the jews

syed putra

Isn't it better to secure a better future by buying energy from the others ? Or we fully integrate into Malaysia ?

Do we have any nuclear plant Singapore? If it is that clean , why are we not be able to utilize it ?
It is clean. As long as it does not overheat.


Alfrescian (Inf)
Linpeh propose building the Nuclear Reactor at the Istana....When Istana got open house, patriotic sinkies can go there to experience a dose of radiation. :biggrin:


Like i said before, adopt mini nuclear fusion tech if available to power the nation. Then, develop mini tactical nuclear missiles and do away with conscription and jiakliaobee multi generals . Just maintain 2000 army, 1000 air force and 1000 Navy. Use millions of drones to fight.