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pap brainwash session for sec3 students



Secondary 3 students invited to NDP National Education shows after missing out due to COVID-19 curbs​

Secondary 3 students invited to NDP National Education shows after missing out due to COVID-19 curbs
A view of participants during a National Day Parade National Education show. (Photo: MINDEF)

18 Mar 2024 01:21PM (Updated: 18 Mar 2024 01:26PM)

SINGAPORE: All Secondary 3 students at MOE schools will get to watch the National Day Parade (NDP) National Education show this year, as they were unable to do so when they were in Primary 5 due to COVID-19 restrictions.
Those who will be in Secondary 3 next year will similarly be invited to the NDP National Education Show in 2025, the Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) said in a news release on Monday (Mar 18).
Primary 5 students are usually given the opportunity to attend a National Education Show, which gives a preview of the National Day Parade.
However, those two cohorts of students did not get to watch the National Education shows in 2020 and 2021 as they were cancelled due to the pandemic.
Invitations for Secondary 3 students this year will be sent out via the Ministry of Education's (MOE) Parents Gateway portal between Mar 20 and Mar 21.
Students will be invited to attend one of the National Education shows on Jul 6, Jul 13 or Jul 20.
Upon receiving the invitation, they must indicate their interest through the Parents Gateway portal by Mar 27 in order to apply for a ticket.
Parents of those who will be in Secondary 3 next year will receive their letters in 2025.
“Since 1997, National Education shows have been a significant part of our students’ collective National Education learning experience. This experience aims to celebrate Singapore’s progress as a nation and deepen our youths’ appreciation of the Singaporean identity,” said MINDEF, which organises the shows.
The National Day Parade on Aug 9, 2020, was split into a morning show at the Padang and an evening show at the Star Visa, with fewer than 300 participants in both segments.
In 2021, the National Day Parade was postponed to Aug 21 after the scheduled end of tighter COVID-19 measures under Phase 2 (Heightened Alert).
The parade’s 1,200 participants had to undergo COVID-19 testing before entering rehearsal venues and were split into smaller groups during rehearsals and performances. Tickets were also not open for public balloting because of pandemic safety concerns.



I managed to watch part of the Chingay repeat telecast yesterday. No difference from the NDP performances. Fucking boring.