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Panel of experts: More and more young people are dying because of COVID-19 vaccines



A panel of experts, including physicians and a funeral home director, discuss how they are seeing more and more young people die because of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines.

This discussion, hosted by the RAIR Foundation, was meant to talk about matters involving the theme “Sudden Death of Youth.” It was co-hosted by Dr. Sam Dube and activist Glen Macko. The focus of the discussion was the phenomena of fully vaccinated, but otherwise healthy individuals between the ages of 10 and 40 suddenly dying.

The speakers shared personal stories of seeing patients injured and killed by the vaccine. According to Dube, this was done so that the panel’s viewers “can better understand and better see what’s happening, in the hopes that you can save lives, and help people who have been so affected.

Some of the victims they discussed included a fit and healthy 28-year-old woman who died just 90 minutes after she was vaccinated. The panel noted that she was coerced into taking the vaccine because her physicians refused to provide her with minor surgery unless she was vaccinated.

Another victim they discussed was a healthy 30-year-old man who dropped dead out of nowhere. When his body was autopsied, they found his arteries were severely blocked. Another was a mother of two girls in her 30s who never woke up after going to sleep one night. She had no comorbidities and was considered very healthy.

This panel discussion was held less than a week after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced it was officially recommending the COVID-19 vaccine for all children in the United States as part of their annual vaccination schedule. States will decide, based on the influence of this recommendation, whether to mandate the vaccine for school entry. (Related: Post-mortem examinations find massive blood clot biostructures in bodies of the vaccinated.)


Vaccinated people dying with strange clots in their veins​

Dr. Kirk A. Milhoan, a 20-year pediatric cardiologist with a specialty in dealing with heart-related health complications, noted that he has treated close to 700 COVID-19 patients.

“I’ve been seeing an increase in adverse events in teenagers from the boosters and vaccine recently,” he said. “And now I’m seeing a much worse course with COVID for those who have been vaccinated and boosted, as opposed to those who haven’t.”

Dr. Ryan Cole, a pathologist trained by the Mayo Clinic, warned that he has seen “patterns change in tissues as well as blood” since the rollout of the vaccines.

“Once the shots rolled out, we started seeing all sorts of conditions that increased, and now recently, we’ve seen a big increase in the youth of sudden death since the rollout of not just the shots but the boosters as well,” said Cole.

He added later during the panel that he and many other physicians already understand clearly how the COVID-19 vaccines are affecting people, especially young and healthy people, including many athletes who have dropped dead since the beginning of the vaccine rollout.

“To introduce [the vaccine] into the body, into these young individuals with a statistically zero risk from COVID really is concerning,” he said.

Richard Hirschman, an embalmer and funeral director from Alabama with over 20 years of experience, said he has also noticed a huge change in the demographic of the people that come to his funeral home.

“Since 2021, more people under 40 who suddenly died have been arriving, and many of them showed abnormal blood clotting,” Hirschman said. He described their blood as stringy, rubber-like protein clots. This change in the nature of people’s blood echoes what Cole warned about.

“We were finding clots in the arteries as well as in the veins,” he said. “The veins are typically where we find clots. But we would hardly ever see a clot in the artery itself.”

Learn more about the dangers of COVID-19 vaccines at VaccineDamage.news.

Watch this short clip from “Frontline Health” discussing how Hirschman kept finding clots in the bodies of the vaccinated.





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