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Palestinian Authority, like Hamas, will always hostile, Israeli expert says



Zvi Yehezkeli addressed social tensions and the post-war scenario, stating, "We are still projecting weakness; the situation has changed since the war began."​


Zvi Yehezkeli spoke recently with Arel Segal and Shachar Segal on 103FM radio to address the social tensions in the country and the question of what the situation will be like at the end of the conflict.

Yehezkeli stated, "We have not yet won, not destroyed Hamas, not brought the hostages home. We are half a year into the war, and we still have a long way to go. Regarding the Americans, something is happening in the US that is completely twisted in understanding the Middle East. With all due respect to our US ally, the Palestinian Authority, as it stands, will always be hostile to Israel, just like Hamas. IDF reservists bring me textbooks from Gaza, and there is no difference between the ones used by the PA and Hamas. They use the same books. We have a problem, and that's why the Iranians are keeping tensions high. They know we are weak. We are still projecting weakness. We started the war off strong, but it's not the same situation right now."

When asked how the Arab world views the protests in Israel and American pressure, Yehezkeli replied, "When we say the Arab world, Saudi Arabia and the UAE are not part of this at all, but Jordan and Egypt are. It gives them a lot of courage; look at how much [Hezbollah leader Hassan] Nasrallah talked about Israel-US relations. In their view, the US has turned its back on us. Even when they see the protests in Israel are democratic and legitimate, they still interpret it as weakness. Everyone treats us with contempt. You have to understand that, eventually, they will turn against you."