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Serious Oppie Chee Gets POFMA-ed For Lying About HDB Flats! Why Are Oppies Such Liars?


Alfrescian (InfP)
Generous Asset
Nothing surprising, many things will always happen to Opposition party members just before the next GE:

1) Get excited and salivating from resident's complains, then fall into the trap of making these unsubstantiated claims in their social media posts without doing due diligence and tio POFMA.

2) Get themselves into trouble with the law after tio fixed by PAP.

3) Bicker among themselves and self-pwn each other with various quarrels, scandals e.g. members sexpose unhappiness about their party leadership in public and resign to join another party etc. which essentially creates a bad impression that opposition parties are very disunited, messy and unreliable.

4) Recruit controversial or mediocre members into their party, especially to run as suicide squad against the stronger PAP GRCs.

5) Saddest part is, all the real talented opposition members who initially wanted to join the opposition parties, suddenly switch camps to join the PAP instead, lured by the lucrative rewards under the pretense of trying to change the party from within, LOL.

So it's little wonder why citizens will always vote PAP into power GE after GE.


Oppies have no experience in running a country. They even fucked up running a town council. No way we can entrust our country and our hard-earned reserves to oppies and their liberal ideas. They would bankrupt Singapore within 5 years.