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Chitchat Opium and China Military threads

Chinese Ambassador to USA issue statement.


2017年12月09日 14:23 环球网

新浪扶翼 行业专区






  《联合报》称,李克新还表示,十九大对台谈话中的“六个任何”反分裂时表示,和平统一是最大目标,会尽最大努力争取,“但我们绝不会放弃武力统一的选项”;他之后补充,用极端、武力来实现统一的目标肯定会是中方最后手段,要尽最大努力完成和平统一的大业。他说,在两岸总体关系,解决台湾问题的立场, 中方一贯坚持和平统一的原则。

标签: 高雄联合报特朗普

“The Day a US Warship Docks in Kaohsiung is the Day the PLA Liberates Taiwan:” Ambassador

December 9, 2017 Phillip Charlier 0 Comment anti-secession law, USA-Taiwan

Chinese Ambassador to the USA, Minister Li Kexin, has told US lawmakers that proposed visits by US warships to Taiwan would violate the anti-secession law of China, and that the date of the first US warship’s arrival in Kaohsiung Harbor is the day China liberates Taiwan by force.

Li told an audience of Chinese students and expatriates invited to a lecture in Washington DC, December 8, that he had made China’s position clear to US legislators after the US Congress passed the National Defense Authorization Act 2018, which included provisions calling for a study of the feasibility of docking US warships at the port of Kaohsiung.

Li stated that the request seriously violates the spirit of the communique on the establishment of diplomatic relations signed between the United States and China.

The ambassador said he told US lawmakers that when the US sends its warships to Taiwan, the anti-secession law will be implemented, and the Chinese People’s Liberation Army will unify Taiwan with the mainland.

Li stressed that this is not a joke. “China has a strong will, full confidence, and sufficient capability to achieve peaceful re-unification”, he said. “This is China’s biggest goal…this is not a bluff.”

Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs Responds
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a response to the threats today, December 9, in a three point statement.

In the first point, MOFA thanked US lawmakers for taking legislative action to strengthen Taiwan-US cooperation on security issues. The second point reiterated the present government of Taiwan’s commitment to promoting the peaceful and steady development of cross-strait relations through dialogue. And the third point stated that Chinese officials’ frequent use of intimidation hurts the people on both sides of the strait, and is not conducive to the positive development of cross-strait relations.

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Chinese diplomat in U.S. threatens Taiwan with military attack
If U.S. Navy vessel docks in Kaohsiung, China will attack: PRC embassy minister

By Matthew Strong,Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2017/12/09 15:04

Chinese embassy to the U.S. Minister Li Kexin. (By Central News Agency)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The day a United States Navy ship docks in Kaohsiung is the day China will launch a military attack against Taiwan, a Chinese diplomat in the U.S. reportedly said Friday.

Chinese embassy Minister Li Kexin (李克新) was referring to the recent passage by the U.S. Congress of a measure which will allow visits by Navy vessels and military officials from the U.S. and Taiwan to each other’s territory.

He was speaking at an embassy event where more than 200 Chinese students in the U.S. but also Taiwanese residents and media had been invited, the Chinese-language Liberty Times reported.

If the U.S. Navy visited Taiwan, it would violate China’s Anti-Secession Law (反分裂國家法), which had not yet been used before, Li said. The law was passed in 2005 at a time of tension with the Taiwan government of President Chen Shui-bian (高雄) and for the first time formalized Beijing’s threats of military intervention should the island declare independence.

A decision for mutual visits by Navy ships between the U.S. and Taiwan would violate the basic spirit of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Beijing and Washington, Li continued.

“The day that a U.S. Navy vessel arrives in Kaohsiung, is the day that our People’s Liberation Army unites Taiwan with military force,” the Liberty Times quoted Li as saying.

The diplomat emphasized that China’s main policy principle on Taiwan was still peaceful unification, but that it would not rule out the extreme possibility of unification by military force.

In Taipei, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) said it had no way of saying how the U.S. government would interpret the new law, but the threatening way in which a Chinese official had commented on it had hurt the feelings of people on both sides and was not helpful to the positive development of relations between Taiwan and China.

MOFA said the government would continue to promote the peaceful and stable development of cross-straits ties and use dialogue to defuse differences.

Tamkang University international affairs expert Alexander Huang saw Li’s statement as destined for internal Chinese consumption. In addition, since China had no way of overcoming the support for Taiwan in Congress, it used strong language against the work of the Taiwan sympathizers instead, Huang commented.

The expert also found Li’s mention of Kaohsiung strange, since it seemed to imply that if U.S. Navy vessels docked at other Taiwanese ports, it would not matter that much.

When they hit the buttons these missiles costing billions will land in Taiwan within minutes, the losses over the Taiwan side is more than trillion dollars instantly. After this, PLA landing will occur within same day. By next dawn war will be over and Taiwan will fly only the PRC flag.


Useless chinks are all talk and no action.

They've lost all their wars against much smaller nations and if they're not careful it will happen again.


Alfrescian (InfP)
Generous Asset
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Alfrescian (Inf)
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When they hit the buttons these missiles costing billions will land in Taiwan within minutes, the losses over the Taiwan side is more than trillion dollars instantly. After this, PLA landing will occur within same day. By next dawn war will be over and Taiwan will fly only the PRC flag.
Will PLA also liberate Virgin President Tsai ?


Alfrescian (InfP)
Generous Asset
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All that is needed is thousands of DF-10 + DF-11 + DF-15 + DF16. All shot within hours. After which there will be no military establishment on Taiwan island to remain active. Now power grid, No communication, No port No airport usable. Then landing by sea and air escorted by fighter and ground attack helicopters. Round up everyone that they want to execute or imprison. The air and sea landing power of PLA are raising in world highest speed which is not seen before in whole history of mankind. Amphibious landing ships, Giant Hovercrafts, Amphibious Tanks, Amphibious Wheeled Combat Vehicles, are all made in quantity and doubling every few months. Many types of drones, aircrafts, helicopters, are produced in scales like Japanese making cars in 1980s.

Nothing can stop China.


I just hope after taking over Taiwan, the PLA will maintain the status quo of Tsai and not seek to deflower her. She should then be transferred to the National Museum in Taiwan to be displayed a national monument.


Do not underestimate the underlying Stalinist military elements that upped bao xi lai. there exist members of old guards and pro Soviet thinking, they will hv a go even if 11 objected. They will defend NK n will not hesitate to escalate. China's resolve to unify Taiwan cannot b ignore, americans r reckless n pushing the wrong agenda, the region should not condone them







Alfrescian (Inf)
Yup. Big mistake from the start. If only SK had pay protection money to Ah Tiong and Sor Lian Kias earlier, now everyone get go home sleep in peace. Same as jitpoon and peesai land por lampars. Sooner or later kenna jialat jialat.


Alfrescian (InfP)
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Don't dwell so much on the past! China today is a different animal! Let the missiles fly!
Chinkland losing wars to smaller countries occur repeatedly throughout the centuries. The Han dynasty paid regular tribute to the Huns, the Sui invasion of Korea was repeatedly beaten back, the Sung regularly got owned by the Liao, Hsi Hsia and Jin, the Ming emperor got POWed by some random mongol tribe, the Qing got beat by the Burmese and the Japs, the Commies got beat in Vietnam.

Why would this time be any different? The chinks will find a way to lose even if the odds are overwhelmingly in their favour.