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One Country Two Systems : The Role of Justice in Singapore:


One Country Two Systems : The Role of the Judiciary in Singapore:

The lenient punishment for the well heeled/powerful, the tough /harsh sentence for the powerless/poor.

Where junior staff can receive life imprisonment but senior staff get only a max of 7yrs jail for the exact same 'Criminal Breech of Trust' offence:

Where company directors, paid in millions for their shenanigans, paid out bribes "not for personal gain" according to the Minister of state for Law (Ho Peng Kee) when we know that they have first pick of the cherry given to their generous performance bonuses which are the first pick of the gravy chain.

Thus, perhaps Mr Duterte (current Philippines President) was correct in his assessment that Singapore is a garrison (run by a junta general), it isn't a nation nor a country ... (it has neither the laws nor the judiciary to ensure that justice is indeed served in Singapore).
"I burned the flag of Singapore. I said: 'F*** you ... You are a garrison pretending to be a country.'" - Mr Duterte in a November speech, recalling how in 1995 he burned a Singapore flag to protest at the execution of a Filipina maid in the city-state.

The Junta Military General of Singapore that Mr Duterte referred to: who spends "all his time", "buying supporters votes " and "fixing his political opponents " instead of thinking "what is the right policy for Singapore".

Punishing corporate corruption
Walter Woon For The Straits Times
PUBLISHEDAPR 30, 2018, 5:00 AM SGT
Are penalties for companies that bribe or embezzle too low? No. But it's important that the individuals involved do not go unpunished, especially in cases where the corruption was longstanding
The headline read "Keppel fined $300,000 for giving $8.53m in bribes for contracts".

Deja vu: This has nothing to do with recent events. The article appeared in The Straits Times of Dec 23, 1997.... ...

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