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Old Aussie school bus uncle forgiven for locking child in bus


I applaud the leeway given to a 79-year old school bus driver but it remains a critical job failure not to check his seats before locking up. The child could have died in the Oz heat.

The old man also quick to point finger here and there that it is not entirely his fault.

Wonder why he is not retired. Spent all his $ banging in Thailand/Bali?

Oh, I don't think they will be so forgiving if it is an immigrant bus driver hor.


Driver, 79, sacked for leaving girl sleeping on bus finds new job

AAP / 11:18am AEDT

A Queensland bus driver who was sacked for leaving a five-year-old asleep on his bus has found a new job.

Bus driver sacked following lost girl scandal


Bus driver sacked following lost girl scandal

VIDEO There's been a wave of public support to get work for a sacked Logan bus driver.

Ross Belsham, 79, will start a new job with bus charter company, Brisbane 360, after he was sacked by Logan Coaches when Alyssa Jayde New fell asleep on his bus and ended up trapped at a bus depot on January 22.

"We are a lot happier today," Mr Belsham told reporters on Friday.

A campaign to get Mr Belsham's job back gained momentum online with more than 3000 signatures on a petition titled 'Give Ross Belsham his job back!'.

Ross Belsham, 79, will start a new job with bus charter company, Brisbane 360, after he was sacked by Logan Coaches. Photo: 7 News

Alyssa Jayde New was locked on the bus for several hours by mistake. Source: 7 News

His supporters included Alyssa's father Adam, who said "he should still have his job".

"He had some wrongs in what he done. But to lose his job and be publicly shamed is not acceptable at all," Mr New said on Thursday.

Mr Belsham was thankful for the support.

"It's very good and I'd like to thank all of my supporters and especially the dad, because the dad was a nice man," he said.

Earlier this week Mr Belsham said even though he was responsible for not noticing Alyssa was on his bus, several others were also at fault.

The former bus driver from Logan Coaches said he was not the only one at fault. Source: 7 News

Little Alyssa was taken home by police after being locked in her school bus for several hours. Source: 7 News

Staff at the Jimboomba State School did not check off her name, Mr Belsham said, while alleging her mother Bobbie Langdon was not at the bus stop to collect her, contradicting information she gave police.

Ms Langdon warned Logan Coaches to expect a letter from her lawyer after Alyssa was found "petrified and crying, banging on the school bus doors to get out" about 7.10pm that evening.

Alyssa is now home safe. Source: 7 News