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nowadays it's fashionable to celebrate death?



Spore taxi driver, 46, with end-stage kidney failure, fulfils 'last wish' of hosting banquet for family & friends​


On Apr. 25, a 46-year-old male taxi driver, surnamed Soh, hosted a special birthday banquet at Pan Pacific Singapore.

Amongst the 50 attendees were his mother, partner, friends, ex-colleagues, and volunteers from Ambulance Wish Singapore (AWS), a charity that supports terminally ill patients by helping them live out their final wishes.
In a Facebook post, AWS said the banquet held "profound significance" for Soh because he believed it would be his last birthday and wanted to fulfil his last wishes.
Besides expressing his gratitude for those who have helped and supported him throughout his life at the banquet, Soh also wanted to make a "final, heartfelt attempt" to reconcile with his mother and help his fellow patients by donating S$3,000 to AWS.


Image via Ambulance Wish Singapore/Facebook

Afflicted by multiple illnesses​

Prior to the banquet, Soh had been battling with various illnesses for several years, reported Shin Min Daily News.
In 2019, Soh, who already suffered from high blood pressure, high blood sugar, and high cholesterol, lost two toes to diabetes.
Since then, Soh often experienced bouts of dizziness due to his fluctuating blood pressure, and he was diagnosed with autonomic dysfunction — a condition which could see him faint if he stood for too long.
During a check-up, Soh's doctor also discovered that he suffered from kidney disease and had to undergo kidney dialysis.

Face financial difficulties​

As a result of his diagnosis, Soh became a frequent visitor to the hospital over the last four years and would sometimes be hospitalised for 12 to 18 days.
As Soh's illness prevented him from working long hours and affected his income significantly, his finances worsened, leading to the souring of his relationship with his mother.
Nevertheless, Soh refused to be defeated by his illness and continued working as a taxi driver.
However, by March 2024, Soh had to stop working because of his deteriorating health; he could no longer see clearly.
At one point, Soh was so overwhelmed by emotions that he hurt himself.


This story doesn't add up. How does one with financial difficulties, working as a taxi driver host a banquet at Pan Pacific?

Probably got some $ from his "pek kim" disguised as ang pows? :thumbsdown:

syed putra

He could have gone trekking in the Himalayas and die on the mountains instead of this futile attempt to please.

Byebye Penis

worse are those who never takes care of their parents, grandparents, see them just a few hours a year and makes a big hoo-ha on IG or Tik-tok when their seniors passes away to garner views and likes, and turn the funerals into a social, networking event.