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New Jersey Imam: Only Islamic Rule Will Bring World Peace



New Jersey Imam Mohamed Moussa: The Blood Of Gaza Children Will Not Be Shed In Vain; If We Take Advantage Of This We Can Show The West That Their Values Are False And That Only Islamic Rule Will Bring World Peace​


In a December 15, 2023, Friday sermon delivered at the Islamic Education Center in Union City, New Jersey, Imam Mohamed Moussa spoke about how to "take advantage" of the war in Gaza. He said that the blood of the children in Gaza may not be shed "in vain," if Muslims " take advantage of the historic opportunity" to show the people in the West how false their values are and that only Islamic rule will provide global peace, security, and equality. Moussa added: "Humanity can only be saved under the rule of Islam." The sermon was livestreamed on NHIEC (North Hudson, N.J., Islamic Educational Center) on YouTube.
Imam Mohamed Moussa: "You are all familiar with the well-known Holocaust, perpetrated by the Nazis against the Jews. It is well-known. Nobody accepts such a thing. This is 100% genocide, and Nazi behavior. However, people do not know that there were other holocausts, perpetrated against Christians. The victims in these cases were the Catholics in Germany, Poland, and those European countries. This was during the [Second] World War, in 1940. It was not so long ago. In a single day—and this is documented in the annals of European history—Hitler executed more than 1,800 priests and monks in Poland. This was in a single day. In Germany itself, he killed 1,100 or 1,200 priests and monks—not just regular people.
"When Islam enters a certain country, it protects that country's values and principles, and categorically rejects anything inhumane done in its name. I would like to tell you something. Even if millions of demonstrations were held now in the Arab and Muslim world, they would not make [the West] lose sleep. What really worries them is the unusual transformation among the Western people of Europe and America, with regard to the true values, and their rejection of what their parents are doing.
"The blood of these children [in Gaza] may not be in vain if we wake up and take advantage of the historic opportunity that has come our way, and if we exert pressure to remove the slightest doubt by any individual in Western society, about how false the values of his society are, and [show] that the true, unfalsified values that treat all people as equals, give hope for peace in the societies where they live, as well as global peace that would provide security for anyone, anywhere. This will only happen under the rule of Islamic values. We need to invest in this event, and to take advantage of this [war], in order to show the world how false their values are, and how these values have discriminated between the blacks and the whites, as well as between different sects within their own [Christian] religion—between the Protestants, the Catholics, and the Orthodox. Humanity can only be saved if the values of Islam rule."