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'Mutilating children for profit.' California teen sues doctors over breast-removal surgery at 13 in Kaiser Permanente's 2nd blockbuster trans lawsuit



'Mutilating children for profit.' California teen sues doctors over breast-removal surgery at 13 in Kaiser Permanente's 2nd blockbuster trans lawsui​

  • Layla Jane says her puberty blockers and hormones were a medical 'torment'
  • Kaiser Permanente doctors offered trans care after minutes-long consultations
  • Another California teen Chloe Cole last month sued the same hospital

A California teenager has started to sue the doctors who at age 13 cut off her breasts in a medical gender change she now bitterly regrets, in America's latest blockbuster trans lawsuit.

The 18-year-old, who is referred to as Layla Jane, says she should never have been put through the 'torment' of testosterone hormones at age 12 and puberty blockers and surgery the next year.

She is one of a growing number of detransitioners, as they are known, who come to regret their procedures and sue the doctors they accuse of pushing them into irreversible treatments instead of counselling.

'I don't think I should have been allowed to change my xes before I could legally consent to have xes,' Layla said on Fox News.

'I don't think I'm better off for the experience, and I think transition just completely added fuel to the fire that was my pre-existing conditions.'

According to legal papers, Layla experienced moodiness, anxiety, gender confusion and anger issues as a child. At age 11 learned about radical transgender ideology and went online to learn more about the new trend.

She self-diagnosed that she was a boy and believed transitioning would solve her mental health problems.

According to the suit, doctors at the Permanente Medical Group and Kaiser Foundation Hospitals rushed her on to cross-xes hormones and a double mastectomy without properly assessing her mental health problems.

Her evaluations lasted only 30 minutes and 75 minutes, records show.

Legal papers identify the carers as Susanne Watson, a psychiatrist in Oakland, San Francisco-based plastic surgeon Winnie Tong, and Lisa Taylor, a pediatric endocrinologist in Oakland.

They are accused of 'intentional, malicious, and oppressive concealment of important information and false representations' that saw Layla pushed into the procedures.

It's claimed they presented Layla Jane and her parents with a terrifying choice: 'Would you rather have a live son, or a dead daughter?' — language that echoes complaints from other detransitioners across the US.

'These are decisions I will have to live with for the rest of my life,' Layla said in a statement.

'I'm ready to join the growing group of detransitioners so that no other child has to go through the torment I went through at the hands of doctors I should have been able to trust.'

Layla speaks with a voice deeper than is usual for a young woman — which is understood to be the result of taking the male hormone testosterone for several years. She started to detransition at age 17.

Her lawyer, Harmeet Dhillon, a conservative activist and CEO of the Center for American Liberty, said Kaiser has emerged as a 'repeat player in the growing field of permanently mutilating children for profit.'

Dhillon also represents Chloe Cole, another California 18-year-old detransitioner who last month sued Kaiser for removing her breasts when she was 15 and pumping her with puberty blockers.

'Layla's medical providers grossly and recklessly breached the standard of care in this case, and others,' said Dhillon.

'We look forward to holding them liable for what they did, and together we seek to deter this assembly-line, insensitive, and destructive treatment of children with these woke, unscientific, and barbaric practices.'

Layla seeks unspecified financial damages. The company has 90 days to reply before she formally files her lawsuit, according to a 19-page legal complaint.

Kaiser spokesman Marc Brown did not comment on the case, but said its doctors 'practice compassionate, evidence-based medicine founded on sound research and best medical practices.'

'When adolescent patients, with parental support, seek gender-affirming care, the patient's care team carefully evaluates their treatment options,' Brown told DailyMail.com.

'The care decisions always rest with the patient and their parents, and, in every case, we respect the patients' and their families' informed decisions about their personal health.'

Gender-affirming care, as it is known, covers everything from puberty blockers to cross-xes hormones and, in rare cases for trans children under 18, surgery. Several medical associations say such healthcare saves lives among a suicide-prone group.

But opponents of trans ideology say xes is determined at birth and cannot be changed, that medical advisory groups have been hijacked by trans ideologues and that politicians must intervene to stop parents, doctors, or therapists from permanently harming children.

Many are alarmed by the sharp uptick in teenage girls with autism and other mental health woes asking for xes-change drugs in recent years, and of new studies linking puberty blockers to weaker bones and osteoporosis.

Whether to allow drugs and surgery for trans-identifying children has become a frontline in America's culture wars, with more Republican bills aimed at banning gender-affirming care in 2023 than in any year to date.

Dhillon says she receives 'thousands of calls from people all over the country' who want to sue healthcare providers for bungled trans care, but that 'unfortunately, most are beyond the statute of limitations.'

A recent YouGov survey of 1,000 adults across red and blue states found that Americans were largely against gender-affirming procedures for children.

Some 61 percent said rejected giving puberty blockers to 12-year-olds, while 21 percent said it was acceptable. They also deemed cross-xes hormones and breast surgeries unacceptable by similar margins.


A recent YouGov survey of 1,000 adults across red and blue states found that Americans were largely against gender-affirming procedures for children